One of the most significant developments in the twentieth century was communication (Peters, 1). Communication used to denote a closeness between people and a way of communicating. It also meant respect for the various cultures represented by different people. Since it required physical contact rather than the existing modes of communication, communication was seen as an essential tool for keeping peace among citizens. Communication has faced difficulties as it has evolved as a result of the emergence of multiple modes of communication. As a result of inadequate communication, there have been disputes between citizens and nations. The major theoretical debates about communication for the last 100 years have been on its analysis and effect on people. Communication has several meanings if looked at from it name’s origin. Most of the authors mentioned by Peters looked at communication as a problem rather than a way of simply passing on information. Another debate is on whether communication is more effective when there is physical contact or when there is only mental contact. This is stated as a communication problem since the change in ways of communication has brought about different problems (Peters, 11).
Technical sense of communication as put by Peters means the mode of communication where people communicate through the air. Communication through the air is the modern ways of communication where people do not need to meet in order to communicate. They can do so via the various ways of communication brought up by technology like via emails and telephones. The therapeutic sense of communication is where by people actually meet and exchange words and ideas as well as having physical contact with each other (Peters, 22).

Works Cited
Peters, Durham John. Speaking Into the Air: A History of the Idea of Communication. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press. 2012. Print.

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