Communication and Organization Structure

Organizations with many divisions want more efforts to develop and comply with communication guidelines. How well statistics is shared between different departments is affected by the general procedure established for the communication. Even although every department features as a unit, the individual groups usually rely on one another, making communication fundamental to run the organization efficiently. There is a precise channel of communication in the company having a minimal variety of divisions. A variety of communication techniques that work best for the company’s situation wants to be implemented.
Among the external relationships which must be regarded in business, communications are the audience and the content. The internal verbal exchange includes company shareholders such as stakeholders or administrators and the employees. On the other hand, the external communication consists of the public, prospective customers, and the clients. The company information, for instance, the policy change is kept private in most cases since it is irrelevant to the outsiders (Gopal, 2009). External information such as the information on new company initiatives is released to the public to build company brand, gain customers or influence how the individuals think about the organization.


Gopal, N. (2009). Business communication. New Delhi: New Age International.

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