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To gain a deeper understanding of the language, it is also important to research the language’s history by learning about Korean American culture. The population of the group is 0.6 percent of the total population of the United States. Philip Jaisohn was the first Korean American to be granted full citizenship in the United States, which he did in 1890. Philip was a campaigner who wanted Korea to achieve complete independence and practice democracy. Despite the fact that his efforts were not entirely successful, it is important to remember that the nation achieved independence decades later. One of the hindrances to communication during the colonial time was the inability to communicate effectively between the United States and Korea. Due to this inability, the Koreans continued suffering as the Americans did not understand their needs. To deal with this problem, Koreans sought to learn and understand aspects of the American language. Many of the people feared that this move would lead to the erosion of their culture. However, the independence of Korea was more important than the cultural heritage, and the consequent of this was having many people opting to learn English. After understanding the English language to some extent, they could table their grievances to the Americans. Some of the Koreans continued to practice English in collaboration with the Korean language, and the consequent of this was the rise in Korean American language (Cho 62).
It is also important to note that the Korean American language also came as a consequent of the Koreans seeking to make a living in the United States. The native language in the United States is English. Most of the employers at the time and even to date look for people that can articulate themselves using the language. To gain employment, the immigrants had to learn aspects of the English language to express clearly. The consequent of this was the rise of the Korean American language.
Going through the various aspects of the language enables one to understand why it has become confusing for the older generation. Most of the elderly American community does not understand the differences in shaking the head when confirming or denying a fact in the Korean American language. For families of communities that have intermarried, it becomes important to teach the elders from both sides the differences in gestures practiced by each, and consequently, confusion reduces (Kiesling 302). The confusion has made many parents fail to appreciate the language, but since the young ones are determined to cohabit, then it becomes vital for them to learn.
The Korean American language has also grown in America is due to the interaction between students in schools. Despite the fact that some Korean communities have introduced Korean schools where Korean students and teachers attend, it is vital to note that most other parents take their children to ordinary schools in the United States taught by American teachers. To understand the lessons taught by these teachers, the students have to interact with other children or go through English lessons to contribute in the classroom. The lessons assist the kids that immigrate to the United States while older or in their teenage years. However, it is imperative to note that the situation is different regarding children born in the United States to Korean parents. For these children, the parents receive encouragement from the state to teach their children the English language. While still teaching these children the English language, it is vital to note that they also have pressure from their elders to teach the children Korean to maintain the traditions. Owing to this, the children grow to identify with the two different languages and to a point get to mix them during dialogues, and this is accurate Korean American language.
Korean American language has also developed as a means through which the Koreans can blend in and feel appreciated. Without the Koreans learning English, they would lack trust for the American people and would feel unappreciated. However, with the introduction of the English language, it is possible for the Koreans to communicate and understand the environs. It is imperative to note that this builds trust for the Koreans living in the United States. Korean American English has also proved effective in building confidence in Korean children. Without an understanding of any trait of English, the Korean children cannot understand the various issues happening in their environment (Hah 172). The lack of understanding has the disadvantage of hindering potential. However, with an understanding of English traits and settling for the Korean American language, it is possible for these students to improve their education and other studies. Moreover, Korean American English keeps people safe and acts as security. Many children bullied in the school environment go through this because of their physical appearance or their ethnic background. Korean American language has seen the children practicing it treated fairly as compared to children that speak pure Korean.
Another area to review about the language despite the fact that it does not have a major impact is that of religion. Despite the fact that people worship one deity, it is imperative to note that different communities have various manners through which they approach to worship. Koreans have their separate manner through which they prepare for worship by offering sacrifice over a period. The Americans also have their manner of worship preparations that often does not include sacrifice. The Korean people get to learn American means of worship, and the foundation of this is the Korean American language. To remain strong in their culture, the Korean American people get to understand this language further and consequently manage to attend American churches (Hah 194). However, they are free to pray in private using pure Korean as opposed to praying pure American style.
One of the purposes of understanding the Korean American language is for leisure purposes. It is imperative to note that Korean American English does not only apply to people learning the English language with Korean as the base language. In some parts of the United States, people originally from Korea but born in the United States bear children and these children grow up with English as the base language. It is imperative for these children to understand their native language to keep in touch with their culture. Despite the fact that most of the employment areas present in the United States require English-speaking people, the Korean people living in the United States take an incentive to learn Korean language. After these people understand the Korean language, they can mix Korean and English, and this brings about Korean American language.
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