College Implementaton of a Mandatory Attendance Policy

Claim of fact: By making classification attendance in college mandatory, the average student grades will be extended as well as the standards of education.
Claim of value: Mandating students to attend all the lessons and placing it as an element in the overall grading is wrong.
Claim of policy: The university should not institute a policy mandating classification attendance.
Mandating class attendance within the college fraternity degrades the college students and makes them feel like teenagers rather than adults
Forcing college students to attend the classes doesn't mean they will be attentive
Implementing the obligatory attendance policy should not be an option
Supporting Argument
It is not up to the institution to confirm who attends and who does not attend a class since they are grown ups

Some courses do not require constant class attendance

There may be other important issues contributing to absenteeism

Opposing Argument

Class attendance is an efficient approach in improving performance

It helps the students gain marks just by attending the classes

Class attendance is the best way of comprehending instructions


The college should not adopt a measure to mandate attendance


The debate on whether attendance should be mandated in college is rather misconstrued. College life is different from high school or other lower level institutions since students are cognizant of what they are doing. As such, forcing the students to attend classes demeans them and makes them feel more like teenagers that adults. Furthermore, forcing them to attend does not necessarily mean they will be attentive in class. Therefore, implementing the mandatory attendance policy is not an appropriate option.

Supporting Arguments

The choice of whether to attend or not to attend class lies on the students alone and not the college administration. The students are matured enough to differentiate what is good and what is not. In that regard, they can choose to attend class or not, depending on their will. Making a choice for adults might not yield the anticipated results. It is also worth noting that some courses do not require much attention as compared to others. In that regard, it does not mandate the students to attend the classes constantly. All courses cannot be afforded similar attention. Another supporting element is the fact that students may miss class due to other pressing matters. Also, they may opt to use the time for a particular class to study for another harder course. Therefore, the reason behind absenteeism might be more than just willingness.

Opposing Arguments

Class attendance is the most efficient way of enhancing academic performance. Students and teachers can interact with ease and help one another in the case of any challenging issues. Another opposing claim implies that making class attendance mandatory will ensure all the students get marks. These can be considered as free marks gained by just attending class. Apart from that, the class option is better than online mechanisms. In the learning institutions, instruction and assessment are key to academic excellence. Therefore, attendance improves instruction comprehension and evaluation, which are fundamental tenets of academic performance.


Even though attendance has significant benefits, it should not be made mandatory. Students should be left to decide whether to attend or not attend classes since they are matured enough to make this choice. Other arguments imply that attendance will improve academic performance as students will be able to interact with their tutors and comprehend instructions. However, it is also worth noting that when some aspects are forced into the students, they tend not to comply. In other words, they may attend the classes but remain inattentive. Academic performance can only be improved if the students are willing to attend the classes. In general, a willing student will gain more than someone who is forced to attend class. It is, therefore, paramount that the attendance policy should not be made mandatory.

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