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My college degree will be crucial in transforming and influencing people that I connect with. Depending on my level of development in society, I will help more people. The environment around us is constantly evolving, but while the technical, medical, computer, architectural and many other fields have seen massive changes, there remains something constant that drives change from behind the scenes. It’s management. The world’s revolution to positivity cannot be accomplished without strategic and decisive leaderschaft, considering the immense changes in society. Leadership skills are instrumental in the management of people and fostering changes in the society. Leadership is nurtured and is rarely taught since it comes with charisma and other inherent qualities. It is therefore inappropriate to argue that through college education I will become a better leader, but I think college environment and degree will sharpen and nurture my leadership capacity. Through the provision of the platform to express my leadership position that demands to nurture.
They say that everybody is born a leader. Everybody at some points in their lives makes leadership decisions from childhood to adulthood; however, the number of people influenced by your decisions is what rates the level person’s influence. I expect my college degree to activate and re-energize my leadership skills to new heights. While in the college I hope to deploy some of my leadership skills and even acquire multiple others. Some of the essential leaderships skills that I have presently include the ability to inspire and motivate other people. Inspiration and motivations are the greatest tools that leaders use to attain success from employees, subjects or any other persons affected by their influence. In the absence of motivation prosperity seldom comes. I would challenge my audience to exhibit high levels standards of integrity and honesty. In the presence of transparency, honesty and undisputable integrity emerge the essential tool that will push people to high levels in the leadership structures and echelons.
Leadership in the business world demands additional technical skills such as the problems- solving and analytical skills. Vast of such skills are trained after incorporation into an organization. Leadership stresses on the drive for results in which leaders are the anticipated people behind steering such initiatives. Excellent communication is another great tool for the great leaders use worldwide, and I expect to create change in my audience with powerful and change-oriented messages and excellent communications skills.
While in the university I expect to nurture skills such as the ability to build impeccable relationships and create a solid base for erecting blocks of trust. Enhancement of my strategic perspective and approach will be crucial to my success while in the university. Strategic perspective demands long-term vision of the expected future and avoidance of many temptations that impede the achievement of the future goals. Maintenance of a strategic goal will be essential for the improvement of the tactics and support of a strategic outlook that provides a plan for future. I will try to develop other people and ensure that I provide encouraging words to people who I come into contact with. I will always challenge the people to be innovative and change-oriented at any level that they hold through championing for change. The presence of a group of people creates an opportunity for showing and improving leadership. Someone might ask me why then do I opt for college instead of expressing my leadership in other groups of people such as church, marketplaces, and many other groups. The answer is school environment provides the best ground as it is a convergence of intellectuals with a goal to change humanity in whatever roles they undertake.
In conclusion, the college will provide suiting platform for enhancement of leadership skills. It enables convergence of a subtle number of young people willing to make the change in lives of other people. It will provide for association with change-makers in the society and is the source of all enlightening and world civilization. Above college are the remarkable associations of intellectuals who are bound with the desire to serve humanity. My degree certificate will compound on my leaderships acquired and nurture in college sphere provide physical evidence of my leadership knowledge.

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