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Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Cassey. Although you have explained why you prefer the United States and the United Kingdom’s method to end slavery, it makes me wonder if something should have been done sooner. I’m still perplexed as to why it would take longer to free people from slavery simply because the government was concerned that they would need adjustment. In any case, extrapolating this to contemporary global climate change defies logic. People continue to cause global warming at an increasing rate every day, even though much of the emphasis has been on talking rather than acting. Hoffman employs a phrase that resonates with everyone who is affected by global warming. I agree this is a better way of initiating change, but I believe in matters of urgency, actions should speak louder. What do you think? Could the use of real-life examples of global warming like the plastics found in dead fish be more efficient?
Response to William
William, this is fantastic; my view exactly. The talking about climate change and its effects have become an old debate that people have been accustomed to leading to no actions. However, the analogies presented by Hoffman, especially of cancer and how it progresses without notice, are quite creative for climate change. In the past, the changes in the environment could only be predicted, but nothing was done to prevent this. I believe that it is time we stopped the talk and start the action. Indeed, it took association of lung cancer with tobacco smoking to enact bans on public smoking. However, will we still wait for the hurricanes to deal with climate change? Or will we vacate the earth and go start over on another planet as you put it. Enough with the words let’s act!

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