Climate change

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When thinking of our posterity, environmental care and concerns associated with climate change are a matter of primary concern. As a result of rising concentrations of greenhouse gases in the environment, the fear of adverse climate change in the future century is expressed. A variety of environmental problems raise questions about the well-being of our posterity. These issues include shifting weather patterns, increasing sea levels, drought, water scarcity, and potential adverse effects on the production of food.
Causes of climate change and the current situation
Scientific evidence indicates the rapid warming of the global atmosphere. The primary causative agent is the increasing carbon pollution which emanates from burning of fossil fuels. This contamination is a rising potential irreversible devastation of our generation. Despite continued education, discussions, and studies on the consequences of human-caused methane and carbon pollution in the atmosphere, global warming is significantly escalating to levels which may be beyond mitigation. The environmental contamination is stemmed by increasing industries which emit poisonous gases into the atmosphere. Most firms use fuels as their primary source of energy which is essential for their performance and production process. Also, the increased number of motor vehicles actively contributes to the emission of the greenhouse gases which are the significant agents of climate change.

Impact of Climate Change on the Future Generation

Climate change will have adverse effects on the future generation. If this issue goes unsolved, there is a likelihood of extinction of the human species. The escalating global warming and the corresponding climate destabilization is a great threat to the security of people due to increased risk of global nuclear war. The accelerating average global temperature will force our generation to face the consequences of the ongoing climatic catastrophes, depletion of natural resources, and food shortage.

Decreased precipitation will be a critical issue. Low annual rainfall will be experienced which will in turn influence the agricultural sector. Consequently, food shortage will be a threat to the lives of people. Additionally, natural catastrophes such as hurricanes, storms, and heat waves will increase not only in frequency but also intensity. Massive deaths and devastation of the property will be the aftermath of the disasters.

Moreover, global warming will lead to prolonged drought and ocean acidification. Most forests and other natural vegetation will be destroyed due to high temperatures. There will be an extinction of most plants varieties and animal species because of fragmentation of habitats caused by climate change. Also, heat stress caused by global warming will lead to an increased occurrence of disease vectors affecting the health of people. Subsequently, life expectancy will be low because of accelerated mortality rate among people.

Remedies of Climate Change

To salvage our generation from the worst effects of climate change, we need to devise appropriate measures to curb the emission of carbon gases into the atmosphere. To solve this challenge, alternative sources of energy such as solar, wind and, geothermal, which is renewable and environmentally friendly, should be used. Also, we ought to have governments which are committed to deal with the problem. The stakeholders should implement a custom of carbon tax or pricing to minimize usage. Besides, industries should collaborate with governments to reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

In conclusion, climate change is a significant challenge to our future generation. Concentrations of greenhouse gases which cause global warming are increasing in our atmosphere. This problem will have adverse effects if not mitigated. Solutions to these issues are sophisticated and considerably depend on economic and scientific measures.

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