Class on Sociology

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In class, I accomplished the objectives of improving critical thinking, learning how children with diversity backgrounds can be educated, interacting effectively and conducting research. This class has also introduced me to the numerous difficulties you encounter when you deal with children from various backgrounds. This included the strategies that a person can take to resolve these challenges and excel in delivering learners work. In addition, listening practice and critical thinking exercises were extremely helpful. However, I need to expose myself into more challenging environments to see whether I have really reached that level of higher critical thinking abilities.
The class has added personal knowledge on working with diversity since I now know that one should be aware of cultural values and attitudes of individuals from different backgrounds. As such, there is a need to appreciate the cultural practices of others in order to establish any connection or interact with such people successfully.
A personal contribution to the class was that I was a strong debater who had different opinions and views on different topics and subjects as presented to us by the tutor. Further, I engaged in intensive research and interacted with my mentors to gather points that helped me offer strong arguments. Other people in the classroom contributed by criticizing the arguments, which I made on different perspectives and topics in the class. This created an opportunity for me to engage in intensive research, which assisted me to be more knowledgeable.
I have learned new concepts, which will stimulate my thinking. For example, I am now aware of the concept of critical thinking and how it helps a person to identify a problem and formulate a solution. As such, critical thinking helps to get into details of the presented arguments or claims and not relying on only what is presented.
I have learned something new on my discussions and writings. I now know that both written and oral communication skills are important on the career growth and development of a person. As such, communication helps in delivering and interpreting the message. Failure to adhere to the acceptable communication style among different groups in society leads to lack of occurrence of the communication. This was surprising because I did not know that how you communicate affects how the message is interpreted by another person.
The experience has subjected me into a state of intensive research on how to communicate effectively and analyze different meanings of the communicated message from other persons using various methods. Further, I have engaged in trying to communicate differently to other people and see how they received the message. The only problem I had was differentiating on different styles of communication and how the message is delivered to people in society in various formats.
The teaching was very effective. Such is because it involved the use of theory, practical illustrations, and class discussions. As such, it was possible to comprehend the message, which was being communicated, gain the concepts, and remember ideas since the message was conveyed in different methods. Furthermore, I learned how to work with a team. The classmates were willing to interact with each other. Challenging and overwhelming assignments were provided to us by the tutors, which enabled us to focus on details to gain the concepts, which were vital for this class.

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