Class of Writing Experience

I have realized a lot of things during this semester in my introduction to writing class. I have learned about grammar capabilities such as subject-verb agreement, sentences construction and correction and the use of punctuation marks. I have also learned how to write the usage of the APA format. I experienced the skills through category exercises and writing different types of essays and sentences. Although I have realized a lot of things in this class, there are still areas I need to enhance on by continuous practice. Working with sources and specifically APA citations is one of the key sectors that desires adjustment. I was able to improve my writing competencies and meet the goals that I had set in the introduction to the writing class.

One of the goals that I achieved during the writing class is the correct use of grammar skills. I can now identify and correct sentence fragments and run-on sentences. I have also learnt about subject-verb agreement in sentences and how to use it in the right way. At first, I could not identify grammar errors in sentences, and it was also difficult to distinguish different types of sentences. I ensured that I was an active student throughout the writing class and I composed different sentences both in and out of class. I would then categorize the sentences and try to correct the errors therein with help from the teacher.

Besides identifying the grammar errors, I was able to learn about the use of some of the main punctuation marks used in writing. I found out about the use of commas in restrictive and non-restrictive clauses and phrases, parallel structure, semicolons, and colons. The teacher elaborated to us how the proper use of commas can change the meaning of a sentence. I was also able to understand that the correct use of punctuation marks can make a sentence appear either as rude or polite. Punctuation marks also affect the way individuals deliver a speech, and they should be used appropriately to ensure that a person does not run out of breath.

The lesson on punctuation marks was one of the best sessions for me during this class. I learned that it is important to understand the use of punctuation marks in writing as that lays the basics on how to use them in speech. Our teacher told us that the effectiveness with which we use punctuation marks in speech depends whether we dominate a conversation or not. It also determines whether the other party understands our point or not. As such, I knew that punctuation marks are not only critical in writing but speech and this made the topic a life skill. It was one of the most interesting topics in this class.

Moreover, I learned about the use of pronouns in writing. Our teacher explained to us the different types of pronouns and how they are used. I was intrigued to understand that I did not have to repeat the name of a person, a city, or a physical feature every time I intended to talk about it in the same paragraph. I also learned that pronouns are used to distinguish between genders, people, and places. It looked like an invention to me as it made writing appear easy.

Not only did I learn about the grammar skills, punctuation marks and pronouns, I also discovered how to work with sources especially the APA format. I experienced how to cite articles found online using their Digital Object Identifier. I realized that the articles that had a permanent number used to identify them online (DOI) were much easier to use as opposed to those that did not have the number. Our teacher showed us how to use the name of the author, the article or any key words in the document to identify it online. I understood that looking for materials online is essential both for writing and research for advanced learning. As such, the teacher emphasized on the need to grasp the core competencies.

I was also able to learn about in-text citations, quotations, paraphrases and integrating sources in a paragraph using the APA format. However, the APA format was a bit challenging for me especially the paraphrasing section. The teacher explained that if I failed to paraphrase, I would be plagiarizing the work done by another author which was an error in writing. I formed a discussion group with three of my friends who helped me improve my understanding of how to use the APA format. We would meet every Saturday afternoon for two hours, and we would go through some of the tests done in class and individually. During my leisure also, I spent time working on the APA format, and I would ask the teacher to help me identify some of the errors I had made. My teacher was beneficial, and as such, I was able to understand the format better. I will also keep working on it to ensure continuous improvement.

I feel that I have grown my mental and interpersonal skills from this class. I learned how to write better English as a result of the class tests, lessons, and individual practice. The interaction with my teacher and peers during the reading helped me improve my social skills. I believe that the information I have obtained in this class will aid me in my advanced learning, in my research process and improve my communication significantly.

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