Choices to make in considering a career

Our day to day living always constrains us to make decisions and we hardly can run away from this responsibility. It is necessary to make such choices in time because restrained decision making can result to unwanted outcomes. An extremely important determination that an individual should make in the course of existence is the selection of career. This resolution should compulsorily be made proceeding consultation with one's self and other people who possess the power to help them make a relevant cessation. In fact, there are various phenomena an individual should consider in the process of selecting a career.
First of all, the person's interests should be looked into. A person is probably going to outperform in a career they have great passion for. For example, the one who is interested in the care of others can make an excellent nurse. Similarly, such a person is likely to overcome many challenges that may be associated with their career because of the strong interest they have. Many of those who do not put into consideration this factor end up in the wrong career and have the habit of changing jobs every now and then when the going gets tough. Secondly, it is essential to put into consideration one_x0092_s talent. People who are talented in certain areas are likely to excel in careers that are associated with their talent. For example, an athlete can pursue a sporting path if they are talented in a specific category of sports, for example, athletics, football, rugby, and tennis just to mention a few.
Thirdly, one needs to consider their short-term and long-term goals in life. For example, if someone wants to become a doctor, they should be prepared to study for close to ten years for them to realize their goal. Without putting in mind their current and future goals, some may drop on the way. Lastly, the availability of jobs in the intended career and salaries for beginners in that career ought to be put into consideration. This factor goes hand in hand with the short-term and long-term goals factor. Depending on where an individual wants to be in the next, say three, five or ten years from now, they have to select a career that would help them achieve that goal and this partly depends on the availability of opportunities in the career of choice, as well as salary packages.
In conclusion, this paper has shown that our everyday lives always compel us to make choices and we cannot escape from the decision making responsibility. While selecting a career, there are four important factors to be considered. They include the interest, talent, short-term and long-term goals of the person, and the availability of opportunities in that career and the salary packages on offer for beginners.

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