China’s modernization and Its Impact on Global Warming

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There have been different consequences of China’s modernisation. While the modern Revolution has had a positive effect on the Chinese economy, the challenges, particularly in global warming, must also be taken into account.
The west part of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau was hot since around 2 degrees Fahrenheit in the 1980s. The temperature was high. This area encompasses about a quarter of China’s total surfaces, meaning that a quarter of the Chinese population is now vulnerable to global warming adverse effects. The gradual increase in temperature in this region has led to the acceleration in the melting points of the tundra and the glaciers across the plateau. There is also the high likelihood that the tundra spanning the area of Tibet and its environs will ultimately deteriorate into a desert if the temperature continues to rise. In addition to the sandstorms that are already lashing in China, the increase in temperature around this region will lead to an intensification of droughts (Hunt and Colander 403).

In as much as modernization has witnessed a significant growth in the China’s industrial revolution, it has also affected the economy negatively due to global warming. There are higher chances that in the coming years, the amount of rainfall expected will decrease, the temperatures will rise, and availability of water will be compromised due to change in humidity. All the factors mentioned above will have a considerable effect on the agricultural production in China (Zhao 427). Concisely, it would be imperative to recount that modernization in China has not only influenced the economy of China positively but has also led to adverse effects on global warming.

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