China and U.S. Benefits Military Together Working

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Military coordination between China and the United States has effectively contributed to the war against foreign terrorism typically brought on by al Qaeda-led violent extremist organizations (VEOs), which threaten trans-regional stability in parts of North Africa and the Middle East (Joint Chiefs of States 3). Joint military collaboration has avoided the provision by North Korea of weapons of mass destruction such as nuclear weapons and North Korea’s ballistic missile expertise, helps to find alternatives to hotspot problems between various parts of the world, to deal with international terrorism, and to tackle the occurrence of natural calamities such as hurricanes and epidemics. The military relationship is working to strengthen the global networking with the allies and military partners. There is a promotion of economic governance globally through the development of trading activities security in the Asia-pacific region and collaboration with NATO partners in providing the personal defense (Joint Chiefs of States 9).
The two countries are cooperating to combat cybercrime in the world. For instance, they are jointly working to solve the issue of North Korea conducting cyber-attacks which caused severe damage to the U.S. Corporation (Joint Chiefs of States 2).
Civil authorities in the world appreciate the support from the joint U.S. and China military ties during incidences of natural disasters. The collective army power integrates with other public agencies to ensure that there is communication support, lifting services, and good planning efforts from the trained military between the two countries (Joint Chiefs of States 12).
The cooperation between China and the U.S. fosters the ethical leadership since the two countries protect and strengthen their army through maintaining respect for the military core values, appreciating all members of the society, and promoting accountability and connection to humanity. The core values help to encourage the high quality military service in the world by condemning incidents such as sexual assault and preventing suicides (Joint Chiefs of States 15).
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Joint Chiefs of States. The National Military Strategy of the United States of America. Diane, 2015. Accessed 6 Oct 2017

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