Children and Obesity

A kid who has not reached the age of 18 is considered in the UAE. The paper will concentrate on the magazines, The Gulf News and The, of major UAE journals. While obesity is a global problem because of the large number of children with obesity, the paper focuses on the issue of obesity in the UAE (Jennifer, 2016).
The meaning of the subject
The subject is significant to me as obesity is one of the biggest problems in UAE for children learning. According to the article in The National, close to a third of the school going children in the UAE are found as obese or overweight (Campbell, 2016). It is worsened by the fact that according to these statistics obtained by the newspaper, 10% of the children under the age of 5 n the UAE are found to be anemic.
Advantages of Exploring the Topic
A primary advantage of exploring the topic is that the information provided in this report raises awareness regarding obesity as one of the growing problems in UAE. It is is crucial for the education ministry and the country at large to learn the importance of healthy diets and to engage in physical activity.
Summary of the Reading for Local and International Newspaper Articles
Summary of Local Newspaper Article
The article Childhood Obesity is a Growing problem in UAE by Bajpai Chaudhary is a local newspaper articles that focus on trends of childhood obesity in UAE. The author emphasizes the need for involvement by the schools, homes and the community as a whole in ensuring proper monitoring of the children practices about obesity and identifies statistics where it identifies the statistics on child obesity in the UAE at a disturbing 36 per cent. Based on the article, 66% and 60% of men and women respectively are obese (Bajpai, 2016). This data translates to the rate of obesity in children since obesity among the child if left unmonitored at that tender age, they risk developing into obesity as grown-ups.
Summary of International Newspaper Articles
The article Child obesity is raising again, NHS report reveals is a UK sources that provides a report about obesity in England. The author suggests obesity among the children in the UK is alarming at the rate of “9.3% of four and five-year-old’s”(Campbell, 2016). In the bracket of 10 to 12-year old’s, the number was equally alarming with a rise of 0.7% to 19.8% as of the time of publishing. Focusing on the article on the statistics in UAE, there are more boys at a risk of obesity in the UK where 9.6% of the obese were boys, and 9.1% were girls (Campbell, 2016).
Impression gained from the Reading
Although the two reading provide a negative impression to the reader because they mainly focus on showing obesity as growing issue, in general, the articles create a positive impression due to the fact the articles provide for the possibility of a solution to the issue and hope for the children who are suffering from obesity (Campbell, 2016.).
How the Reading fits in my Personal Beliefs and Philosophy regarding the Image of Child and Early Childhood Education
Children learn better when they are not distracted. The reading aligns with this philosophy because children have the capacity to do physical exercise even without the supervision of their parents or teachers (Campbell, 2016). This belief and philosophy is aligns well with Piaget theory of cognitive development theory where during the ages of 7-11 the child can comprehend few things and at this point educating them on healthy diets is effective in their response (Campbell, 2016). The paper fits with my personal belief where I trust the care of a child is paramount and the fact that a child cannot make their own choices and require proper support from the community, home, and school (Bajpai, 2016). They should ensure for healthy diets and exercise.
What Can be Done in Home and at Kindergarten to Support the topic within UAE Context
Kindergarten and homes should have a proper technique in the handling of obesity issues among the children (Cleland, 2013). Putting in practice the theory suggested by Bowlby, the attachment a child develops with their caregivers will enable the child gain a responsible attitude towards healthy diets and exercises once it is emphasized upon them by theses caregivers.

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