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There are seven fundamental dimensions of wellness. The seven-dimensional composition depicts total health in life. Each size contributes to our overall well-being and quality of life. However, some of the measures overlap to produce a holistic sense of well-being in an individual’s life. Physical, intellectual, social, moral, environmental, occupational, and spiritual wellness are all aspects of health. These wellness components have a direct link to the iRead book. Physical fitness refers to a variety of healthy habits that increase a person’s quality of life. Adequate exercise, abstaining from harmful behaviors, and eating a nutritious and balanced diet are examples of such practices. The iRead book, on the other hand, promotes the use of exercises. Joey takes his time on Saturdays to work together with his stepfather. Emotional wellness involves the ability of an individual to promote and express human emotions. Some of the human emotions include happiness, anger, and sadness. Joey is emotionally troubled with his parents’ divorce, as he does not find it easy getting along with his stepfather.

Furthermore, intellectual component supports creativity and activities that stimulate the mind. The iRead book offers a practical example of the areas and regions where the young boy applied the available intellectual skills. Spiritual dimension refers to the ability of an individual to possess principles, beliefs, and values. Because of his parent’s divorce, Joey believes that one time he shall find it easy to relate to his stepfather. Environmental wellness relates to the surrounding environments and the effects of one’s daily activities. The book illustrates that every individual is answerable to the environment for all the activities on earth be they positive or negative. The boy did not have to force himself to work with the father that seemed boring to him. He needs his real family back despite his ability to adapt to the new environment. Finally, the occupational wellness involves the last and proper use of the God given gifts. The iRead suggests that every individual has a given what differs is the rate at which we apply the gifts to the real world. Joey has the gifts of honesty and integrity that he uses accordingly. According to the components of wellness, the dimensions works to improve the life of an individual. In so doing the seven components and the book has a correlation of enhancing an individual’s status in life. Therefore, the seven components of wellness and the iRead book elaborates the processes and procedures that ensure that a person lives a good life leading to wellness in all aspects of life.

The iRead have a clear association with the health and wellness course. Health and wellness are part of the course, and the book illustrates a various process that the young boy tries to attain a healthy life. He is attempting to adopt with his stepfather to reduce him the chances of stress that could ultimately affect his grades in school. On the other side, the health and wellness course discusses the methods and processes of stress reduction in an individual to ensure that the person lives a healthy life. Additionally, the health and wellness course offers the importance of physical activities as one of the ways of maintaining a healthy life. Physical activities also reduce the health effects that comes along with lacking physical activities such as obesity. In the iRead book, it is clear that Joey spent most of his time on Saturdays with his stepfather as a physical activity. Moreover, the boy was a good football player for his school team. With such activities, he spends less time thinking about his older family and comparing the older family and the family; he found himself with because of the divorce. Moreover, the health and wellness course offers the illustration of the dimension of wellness in theory perspective, but the Chevrolet Saturday offers the practical and the implementation of the dimension in real life with their resultant importance. The book illustrates a sense of responsibility to the boy as he finds a part-time job that would help him pay his medical bills. The health and wellness course also illustrates the importance of medication to achieve the best health and wellness in an individual. It is, therefore, clear that theory combines with practice it offers a great combination.

The information from the Chevrolet Saturdays and the components of wellness can be of help on a personal level to ensure positive influences on wellness. Furthermore, the information is also relevant on a public level through program implementations and enhancement. The information from the book and the components of wellness can be of help to an individual who is undergoing stress because of parents’ divorce and remarriage. The boy shows a clear importance of having private grounds and principles and standing by them no matter how difficult the situation may be. Some individuals may be in such difficult points in life to the point of breaking one’s principles and beliefs. Joe in the book illustrates a strong sense of his principles since when he got an accident, he did not allow his dad to pay his medical bills since he did like the whole idea of being is an uncomfortable family. Instead, he decided to look for a part time job that could help him raise some funds for his medication. Individuals with weaker principles need to come up and realize the important of having personal beliefs.

On the other side, the information may still be applicable and necessary for the common level using program implementation. The information is required for the communities that allow and readily accepts the acts of divorce and remarriages. They get to learn the impacts of the activities to the children. It gets much difficult for most children to adopt with strangers yet they know their actual parents. It brings along several challenges to the children, as they have to do some other activities and develop behaviors that will eliminate them from interacting directly with their stepparents. From the information, it is much easier for the community to learn the effects of divorce and come up with mitigation measure of reducing cases of divorce and remarriage.

In conclusion, it is evident that health and wellness are the same things. However, practical learning brings about the best outcomes of the situation. It was clear that the health and wellness course was directly related to the experiences in the book. It was much easier to improve the understanding level of the students by use of such assignment. It was more of a reflection and comparison of theory and practice to develop a general understanding.

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