Charter schools and Libraries

Finding a credible source is an intricate problem in the new environment where a number of publications are available. However, The Void of Charter Schools: How can children grow a love of reading without a library to nurture them? In this scenario, Maria Traska is a suitable one. The source focuses on the problems faced by charter schools, in particular, the development of students without the assistance of libraries. When looking for issues with the charter schools on the Internet, this post was the first to surface, and a closer look into it inspired my decision to use it. The article also gives my research a unique dimension that will lead to the general improvement of the study. It accurately supports my claim that there is a huge gap in Charter schools, which affects student performance. It is also contained in the American Libraries; a database comprising various articles; hence, making it a reliable source.

From the article’s title, it is safe to say that kids in charter schools need libraries to enhance their performance. According to the author of this article, student performance can only be enhanced by sufficiently funding and stocking school libraries and placing at least one certified librarian to oversee the operations (Traska, 2013). As such, the statements are in line with my claims that students can attain higher grades by accessing well-furnished libraries. The structures create a reading culture that broadens the kids’ knowledge and research skills. It also implants a reading culture that can be carried forward even in the corporate world. Furthermore, it encourages innovation as the students can relate whatever they are learning to the happenings across the globe. As such, the resource supports the construction of more libraries within these institutions to ensure students are academically satisfied.


Traska, M. R. (2013, August 7). The void in charter schools: How can kids develop a love for reading without a library to nurture them? Retrieved on Sept. 6, 2017 from:

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