Challenges in solving mathematical models in the earlier grades

In the early grades, there were difficulties in understanding and solving mathematical concepts. 1. Investing extra time in the learner’s reading and math skills
2. Make use of free time at school to practice reading.
3. Using a model that combines the school schedule to assist students in enhancing their reading abilities.
The justification for tactics is as follows:
The student represents several others who face similar problems, and his selection will aid in developing a curriculum to address these issues (Gorski). This student’s consideration is also focused on his math and reading difficulties, which are popular among students. The other consideration is the possibility of using the student’s case to indentify the best model with tiered instruction that have defined parameters (Burden and Byrd 7).

Name Individual Need(s) Practices to Support Individual Needs Ines Tier 2 RTI for Math
Learning Disability
Problems in solving math 1.Instructional programs
2.Use supplemental instruction
3.Additional instruction 30 minutes per day for 5 days a week
Rationale for Strategies:

One of the strategies considered the extent of the challenge since the learner has issues with learning mathematics. This means that the student may require interventions for skill development to help in acquisition of new skills (Green, and Keys 84). Another consideration is that the learner may have challenges in reading fluency, which may need some interventions (Gorski).. In addition, considerations for the possibility that the learner has challenges in various subjects including mathematics mean that there is a need to help in resolving the problem.
Name Individual Need(s) Practices to Support Individual Needs Wendell Learning Disabled
Tier 3 RTI for Math
Learning disability requiring some intervention
A challenge in solving math problems 1.Focusing on enhancing vocabulary and mastering phonics
2. Spend more time such as 30 minutes per day in three days
3. Combining various interventions that help in improving the student’s problem
Rationale for Strategies:
One of the rationales was possibility of the student being at high risk of lacking fundamental skills of decoding and needing intensive help on phonics. The nature of the program is very important to help in matching the risk faced by the students and the interventions (Gorski).. Another strategy was the consideration that a learner experiencing the challenges may and to focus on vocabulary enhancement and development and therefore there is a need to consider them (Green, and Keys 85). The learner is also considered to be at high risk of failure if a combination of interventions is not applied.

Name Individual Need(s) Practices to Support Individual Needs Fredrick Tier 3 RTI for Reading and Math
Challenges in reading and mastering math concepts 1.Having a workable schedule for maximization of school resources for reading
2. Collaboration by teachers and other staff members in the school
3. Use of RTI models by assigning time devoted to tiered instruction.
Rationale for Strategies:
One of the rationale strategies is the need to establish tiered instruction with a workable schedule to help in the maximization of the school staff (Gorski).. Considering the student was necessary to find out the possibility of utilizing RTI models and find out their workability (Burden and Byrd 8). The student can be used to test the workability f the available models in solving similar challenges in other learner.

Name Individual Need(s) Practices to Support Individual Needs Eduardo Tier 2 RTI for Reading
Learning Disabled
Experiences trouble reading and needs intervention 1.Desinging of instructional lesson for learners with similar problems
2. Adding dimensions of instructional lesson related to the curriculum.
3. Giving more attention to reading and mastery of phonics to the learner
Rationale for Strategies:

Consideration for the challenge of the student and the necessary model to help in solving the problem influenced the decision. The idea is to find out whether students with similar challenges can be grouped together and given the necessary assistance (Gorski). The problem faced b the student was considered as an important factor in helping the teaching staff to come up with a program that can help learners facing similar challenges.
Name Individual Need(s) Practices to Support Individual Needs 1.
Rationale for Strategies:

Name Individual Need(s) Practices to Support Individual Needs 1.
Rationale for Strategies:

Gorski, Deb. “Tiered Instruction in a Response-to-Intervention Model | RTI Action Network”. Rtinetwork.Org, 2017,
Green, Alan, and Susan Keys. “Expanding the Developmental School Counseling Paradigm: Meeting the Needs of the 21st Century Student.” Professional School Counseling 5.2 (2001): 84-96.
Burden, Paul R., and David M. Byrd. Methods for Effective Teaching: Meeting the Needs of all Students. Pearson, 2015.

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