Challenges Facing Argentina

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When you think about Argentina, you probably picture the South American nation’s soaring sky-high economic growth. However, there are several problems threatening the country’s rapid growth. The country’s economic expansion is being hindered by recent global financial turmoil, rapid declines in world commodity prices, and uncertainty regarding the future of its economy. Let’s explore the country’s most pressing issues. Here are some of the most pressing challenges facing Argentina.

Recent events in Argentina suggest that the political system and society of the country may be facing trouble. The reasons for the political chaos are largely related to a weak hegemonic tie. This is a condition where two opposing forces are unable to exert their will over the other and address long-standing social demands. The lack of a strong hegemonic tie allows the outsider to take advantage of the situation.

The economy of Argentina is very diverse, with a mix of agriculture and manufacturing, as well as services. The country is the second-largest in South America after Brazil and the fourth-largest in the Americas. Its gross domestic product is the eighth-highest in the world. While Argentines are generally very friendly to tourists, many are hesitant to visit. For this reason, an education in Argentina’s economy is essential.

A visit to Argentina will surely give you a taste of the country’s rich culture and traditions. Argentines are a friendly and social society. A key element of the Argentine culture is greeting. Women and men alike kiss on the cheek. The official website of the country offers an interesting report of a nationwide cultural study. You can learn more about this tradition by visiting the website of Sistema Nacional de Consumos Culturales (SNC).

Ethnic relations
The crisis in Argentina has changed the dynamics of national ideology, and immigrants are now no longer the targets of xenophobic rhetoric and official stigmatization. In fact, a 2002 opinion poll found significantly fewer respondents supporting immigration restrictions and insecurity. Moreover, immigrants’ participation in public space was transformed from making group-specific demands to a more legitimate, political role. In the process, they shaped the political landscape and the discourse of the country.

Public trust in government
While distrust of political parties and institutions is a natural reaction of citizens, it is not always a symptom of a healthy democracy. Indeed, trust in government, political parties, and the economy as a whole tends to be lower in Argentina than in the rest of Latin America and the Caribbean. The research shows that Argentinians are almost twice as likely to distrust their political parties and institutions as Canadians are.

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