Cell Phones and Driving

It is easy to hang up a call or switch off a phone phone while driving. Driving is an activity that requires complete concentration from a person. According to Oprah Winfrey, violation of this simple rule leads to adverse consequences and in most cases cause accidents. Over the years, accidents that result from carelessness due to the results of making calls while driving have been increasing. Drivers are advised to swap off their phones or hang up when they are behind the wheel so that they power safely and avoid causing accidents.
The number of deaths ensuing from distraction of drivers by cell phone use has been on the rise over the years. The deaths could not happen if the drivers could cease using their cell phones while driving. Oprah Winfrey argues that accidents from careless driving were not common decades ago. Back in 1973 when she started as a TV reporter in Nashville, one such death could be the headline of a broadcast. Careless driving has evolved, and it is now common for people to die as a result of drivers who make calls while driving. It is immoral to send texts while driving since the concentration one puts on the road gets divided. Human beings are not robots to be perfect in multitasking, and simple mistakes cost people lives, and in other cases, people get lifetime defects and disabilities. Reduction of the number of deaths related to drunk driving is an indication that it is possible to achieve this positive impact in the case of cell phone use while driving.

The urge to get things done elsewhere is the main reason why people engage in phone conversations while driving. However, people should learn to do one thing at a time, and this should be a tradition. Bosses at work need to put this into practice with relation to employees who drive while making calls. Oprah Winfrey instituted a policy that ensures that workers for her company did not engage in phone conversation while driving even for matters regarding to the company. The formulation is an indication that there is need for commitment from CEOs to managers to train their staff on the need to observe obligations that save lives. It is evident that it was not easy for her employees to make adjustments aligned towards her ideologies but over time, they learnt to observe it. The experiment means that no matter how difficult change can be, people can still make adjustments in their lifestyles to stop calling and texting while driving.

The commitment of the authorities in reducing deaths resulting from distraction from drivers has yielded positive impacts significantly. Putting road signs that forbid motorists from using their phones while driving has helped achieve the obligation. President Obama set a perfect example by signing an order which restricts texting while driving in federal business. Additionally, different states are making laws aimed at reducing cell phone distraction related deaths. All these reforms are for the general good of the public, especially the innocent pedestrians. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the number of deaths on the roads across the US which result from this type of carelessness has been rising considering that approximately 6000 people died in 2008 and there is need for awareness creation over this issue. Social groups are also engaging themselves in changing the mindset of people who text and make calls while behind the wheel. Much needs to be done to realize a relatively low number of such deaths, and it is a collective responsibility for everyone to join this awareness since most people experience loss of people close to them due to such accidents.

The pain of mourning loved ones who die from carelessness of drivers who use their phones while driving is great. If everyone could imagine the death of close family members or friends from such causes, then it would be possible to switch phones off while driving. Matters over which one must make calls or text can obviously wait for physical presence, or the call can wait. Oprah Winfrey had this experience when she visited a couple who had lost their daughter. She was run over by a car driven by a person who was using a cell phone while driving. It is an awful experience since this loss could not have happened if the driver could have followed driving rules. Phone calls can wait. Stories about how hard it is for people to stop using their cell phones while driving are countless but having an open mind helps get rid of these common beliefs.

In conclusion, it is possible and simple to avoid using cell phones while driving to prevent distraction related deaths. Authorities and groups should join hands in mobilizing people to stop using their phones when they are behind the wheel. The effects of distracted driving are countless, and the country needs to deal with them once and for all. Companies are advised to discourage the use of phones by workers for business operations while driving. The regulations can help save many innocent lives.

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