Cell phone camera and Instagram have ruined the photography business

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Photography was a trendy business not until the beginning of the 18th century. The arrival of mobile phones with high-quality cameras has destroyed the market, resulting in a decreased profit margin for people venturing into those fields. Individuals in the photography industry spoke about the low turnover of the company and the availability of clients. Most people around the world now tend to take pictures with a mobile phone camera as opposed to using a filmmaker (Chesher). It is now becoming a major problem in most countries to the point that most indigenous photographers are working to find job opportunities in other countries. The primary problem in this case in the increased rate of innovation and creativity based on the quality of cell phone cameras in the market. It has reached a point that most target population are using camera features to select the kind of phone to purchase. They will then upgrade with an introduction of better kind of cameras. In most cases, the photographers are now blaming the existence of innovation yet creativity and innovative mind is critical and essential for developments in a country (Jeffries). Their intention to reduce the use of using smartphone cameras during great and big ceremonies is becoming more fruitless. It is now forcing them to live with the reality that for sure cell phone cameras are displacing the use of photographers during ceremonies and major events. Several factors support the rampant use of cell phone cameras in comparison to photography usage. Cell phones are flexible in their usage. When compared to the photography camera features, the cell phone camera features are easy to use to have a desirable quality of the photo. Moreover, the cell phone have several phone applications that support the use and instant sharing of photos taken in an event (Lippe-McGraw). That is to say, they have a direct connection with the social media platforms. Finally, the cell phone cameras have instant data input devices that favor their frequent use in the photography industry. There is need to upgrade the photography business for a fair competition with the cell phone cameras.

Cell phone cameras have flexibility characteristics. It is much easy to carry since due to its installation in the mobile phone as an application. It is, therefore, automatic that by carrying cell phones to the ceremonies the camera will be part of it as well. The charging system of the phone also gives it an advantage for using the cell phone camera in comparison to a photography. A photographer needs to have an alternative battery for the efficiency of the work. However, by using the cell phone camera, it is still possible to use a power bank to charge the phone while continuing with the process of taking pictures (Lippe-McGraw). Flexibility also relates to the operation process of the cell phone camera. Even the small kids nowadays have knowledge and skills to operate the cell phone camera. Consequently, it is through this that the cell phone cameras are withdrawing the photographers in the photography business. Furthermore, the cell phone camera has a stiff competition with the photographers because of its flexibility based on the pricing and valuation. For a photographer to have a camera with good quality pictures it is evident that they have to incur lots of money. Moreover, on the other side phones are much cheaper but with similar good quality cameras. It is one of the marketing strategies for the manufacturers to attract their customers to buy the commodity; people consider it as one of the easiest ways to get their images (Wooley). For this reason, therefore, the cell phones have diminished the photography business.

With the present generation more, so among the youths of a country, the use of social media platforms is so rampant. Social media is becoming one of the easiest ways to share information and pictures. Instagram and Facebook are the main leading applications that encourage the use of cell phone camera. Unlike the cameras used by the photographers, the cell phones cameras are directly connected to the various social media platforms (Lippe-McGraw). In so doing, it becomes much easy and time saving to use cell phones to take photos with an idea of sharing with friends and relatives. It is an instant advantage placed to the cell phone cameras. On the other side, the photographers have to upload the photos they have to phones of computers to enable them to share in different backgrounds. However, the changing process may interfere with the initial characteristics of the picture with regard to size and cell structure. It will not exist in its original form. However, despite the fact, some photographers have digital cameras but due to the process, that they have to transfer the photos with an idea of sharing reduces its usefulness in the market. Therefore, the nature of connectivity available in the cell phone cameras offers it an added advantage, which ends up diminishing the photographer business (Wooley). In most cases, most of the photographers do not have the diversity that can allow them to have another source of income. Innovation and creativity will help improve the rate of connectivity to upsurge the business.

Additionally, most of the cell phone cameras have data input devices that ensure the speed of editing and transforming an image of required level and states. On the other side, the cameras used by the photographers does not have input editing and data collection devices. They have to use external devices to enable them to change the status of the pictures to their customers. Due to the instance rate of the cell phones cameras, customers views use of photographers in their ceremonies and events (Chesher). Instead, they prefer to use phones such as iPhone, which is well known for its good quality photos. The process of getting such services from the external environment rather than the internal environment facilitates delay process. Most customers are more responsive towards time-saving ideas and procedures. In so doing the photographers ends up having less work. They may only end up serving people who are illiterate and cannot operate the smartphones or the ones that do not have a smartphone and need a copy of the picture to have a clear remembrance of the event or ceremony (Jeffries). Therefore, photographers only come in when the customers’ need long-term deals will offer tangible evidence. For this reason, the photography ends up diminishing instead of improving as per the requirements.

However, some other people explain that cell phones have no connection with the diminishing rate of the photography business. According to them, the preference of the customers is the determinant of the diminishing photography business. In the world today, the customers have diversified preferences that divergence their use of photographers during an event. They prefer having their private photographer who will not have high charge (Chesher). Customer prefers using services, which offers them tremendous advantages in comparison to the disadvantages. The use of a photography in most events such as graduation and wedding ceremonies, they have to invest a lot of time and money to get them best and quality products. The existence of these factors that diminishes the upgrade of photographers business. Therefore, it is not an idea of existing cell phones but the disadvantages that photography offers to the customers that have encouraged them to shift and start using cell phone cameras as alternatives.

Furthermore, the idea of a countries economy also facilitates a reduced use of photographers. They end up buying lots of equipment and tools required to facilitate the process. In the process, they end up incurring many expenses that they have to transfer to the consumers through pricing (Jeffries). They will then have to sell the products at a much higher price. Most of the people are within the middle-income category; they cannot, therefore, afford such expensive photos from the photographers. In such a case, they are forced to have an alternative source where they can get their photos at a much affordable rate. It is essential for the manufacturers in the industry to consider using innovative and creative features in the industry that will improve the rate at which people use photography services to improve the industry in general (Chesher). The government also needs to input incentives and subsidies to photographers that will help in standardizing the services offered in the business. Customers are more sensitive based on pricing and valuation of products. They always have to weigh and get the most effective and favorable prices. Therefore, the idea of diminishing photography industry does not result from the evolution of cell phone cameras but an increasing rate of the economy in a given state or country.

In conclusion, therefore, from the above illustrations, it is evident that cell phones actually affects the photography industry. Cell phone cameras offer better services to the customers as compared to the services that photography grants to the customers. Most people are encouraged with the easy usage of the cell phone cameras and flexibility that the cell phone cameras offers to the customers. Moreover, the advantages based on connectivity with the social media gives an added advantage. Individuals with cell phones do not see any need to hire a photographer to give photography services in their events. If not for the sake of reputation that comes along with carrying such big ceremonies few people could be using the photography services. For such reasons that market for the photographers has tremendously reduced in comparison to the situation during the 18th century. With some recommendations, it will be much easy to retrieve and get back to the position in the economy. However, most of these recommendations depend on the governments and the creativity and innovative rate of individuals working in the photography industry. Consequently, now the change is too much unless the innovation on cell phones reduces still cell phone cameras will still emerge the best in the industry.

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