catholic church and abortion

One of the most divisive issues in our contemporary society is abortion. While the conservative sector of society campaigns for legalized abortion, the liberal sector promotes abortion as one of women’s fundamental rights. Abortion opponents, who see the procedure as a sin and wrongdoing with no place in life, and abortion supporters, who think that having an abortion is necessary and that women should have the chance and right to have one, are at the center of the discussion. Abortion is primarily opposed by the religious community. It is essential to mention the Catholic Church`s position regarding abortion at this point because traditionally Catholic Church has always been against abortion. The Catholic Church consider abortion as a sinful act that contradicts the God`s will (Noonan 85).
The debate between abortion proponents and the Catholic Church is growing more intense as abortion is now a common surgery in the United States which contradict the Catholic Church`s position regarding abortion. As a matter of facts, the Catholic Church supports its fundamental principles that respect the life of humanity and consider it a God`s gift which makes the Catholic Church`s position concerning abortion unchangeable and extremely rigid.
The Catholic Church`s position still and was defenseless against the extreme criticism from some of the abortion proponents who trust that abortion is a basic choice for women to decide whether to deliver or not to deliver a child. Verifiably, parenthood constrained social and economic opportunities of feminists and women, for instance, trust that abortion ban is an approach to control women and limit their chances of controlling birth. Abortion proponents view that women ought to be allowed to make their own decision whether abortion is needed or not needed and this is the path for women`s freedom since it extends their birth control opportunities.
In the meantime, there are more advanced contentions that allude to the death and life matters that develop, in the case of a woman`s pregnancy. For instance, the proponents of abortion insist that the life of some women may be under threat by the pregnancy. This is the reason they many abortion proponents trusts that abortion ought to be legitimate and abortion ban will but the life of many women under a serious threat. This position is exceptionally solid because it rejects any contentions that there are different devices of anti-conception medication except abortion because there are instances of after rape pregnancy, for instance. Consequently, abortion is by all accounts essentially a basic alternative for women.
The Catholic Church, however, still insist on the abortion ban and considers it as absolutely sinful and unacceptable act. As a matter of fact, the position of the Catholic Church with this regard is justified by several fundamental points. First, the human life considered sacred by Catholic Church (Boonin 429). The Catholics believe that the life of an individual is a God`s gift that should be respected always and nobody has a right to play God and make decisions on whether or not a human life should appear. Catholic Church, in other words, stands on the idea that there is no moral right for a person to make a resolution on abortion because it involves the termination of the life of the unborn baby.
Moreover, the Catholic Church regards the childbirth and considered it among the most sacred and important element of the life of human being. In fact, Catholic Church highly respects and considers the childbirth sacred because Jesus Christ was a God`s son born of a woman human. Likewise, the birth of other babies are also natural and their birth represents the will of God. Furthermore, the Catholic Church considers the birth of a child as a significant element in life because the birth of a child is one of the main responsibility of both women and men. They are required to observe the divine laws in every aspect of their life and they should develop their families, bring up their children with respect to the teachings of Catholic Church and God. The Catholic Church`s position on abortion originates from the teachings of traditional Christians that consider the respect for the life of an individual a primary concern. This is the reason the life of a child going to be born or unborn is given much respect by the Catholic Church.
In conclusion, a still remain one of the most debatable issues in the society. The large portion of abortion proponents has strong background of religion since religions tend to oppose abortion. The Catholic Church`s case can be possibly be referred in this respect, that opposes abortion and consider it sinful act and unborn child murder. The Catholic Church uses the moral and religious concept to support its position. They maintain that abortion is not in line with God`s will, disrupt families, undermines family`s traditional values and interrupts fundamental moral laws. However, despite the strong stand of the Catholic Church, it essential to give the life of a pregnant woman a priority. This is to say abortion should be allowed where the life of the woman is in danger or the birth of the child will have a negative impact on the life of a woman.

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