Case Research involving Stan

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In Stan’s early childhood, how much interest will you have?
There is a need to pay a great deal of attention to his childhood life, according to the autobiography provided by Stan. The early childhood of Stan may be the product of all the bad relationships he has with individuals, especially women, and the frequent use of drugs to make him feel fine while he is around others (O’Reilly et al., 2015).
There are many aspects that you can help him see similarities in his struggles in childhood and his present issues?
Stan’s past struggles such as substance addiction align with his present condition with the persistent consumption of alcohol that has seen him do negatively when it comes to a relationship.
They got divorced not long after their marriage. Besides, the treatment he got from his parents during childhood years especially from the mother affect his mental life with women.

Q3. Consider the transference relationship that is likely to be established between you and Stan. How might you react to his making you into a significant person in his life?

The transference relationship established concerning the well-being of the client is the early childhood behaviors such as drinking and fighting in school. His fight with a fellow student saw him expelled from school which was painful to his dream of becoming a better person in the society. Besides, the relationship between the father and mother may also drive an adverse reaction in Stan’s life that has impacted negatively on his marriage life.

Q4. In working with Stan, what countertransference issues might arise for you?

Countertransference issues that may arise from the case study of Stan include motivating him towards achieving more in life despite being a 35-year old man with no life. Besides, establishing a feeling of acceptance within the client to ensure that he has a healthy relationship with adults apart from children who he seems to be so close.

Q5. What resistances might you predict in your work with Stan?

In any therapy program with a client, there are always few issues that may affect the treatment plan. In the case of Stan, the therapist is likely to face resistance such as avoiding the use of alcohol and changing his mentality towards women.

Q6. From a psychoanalytic perspective, how would you interpret and work with this resistance?

The first step to ensuring a smooth work with the client’s resistance will require enlightening him on the negative impact of using alcohol to the people around him and his personal life. I will use some of the psychoanalytic perspectives such as superego. Superego tends to force the client to conform to the norms and standards of the society (Bram, 2015).


Bram, A. D. (2015). To Resume a Stalled Psychotherapy? Psychological Testing to Understand an Impasse and Reevaluate Treatment Options. Journal of Personality Assessment, 97(3), 241-249.

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