Canada’s aging population may put the country in jeopardy

Chronic diseases, financial problems, and other social issues such as depression are shared among the elderly. This group includes medical attention as well as other services geared toward their social needs. Facilities such as gyms, for example, must be developed to ensure that older adult’s age well through exercise. Another critical problem with the aging population is that physicians and other healthcare professionals retire at this time, leaving baby boomers to fill the void. As a result, an aging population necessitates the government’s careful budgeting and provision for the healthcare costs that come with it. Canada’s aging population may put the country in jeopardy. This is because currently, the county does not have sufficient data on the causes of aging or how they can effectively manage to age. Moreover, the lack of social policy and medical care plans in place may be a source of a challenge when the Canadians want to age better. Besides, there is a possibility of the baby boomers taking over various roles in healthcare since most doctors are in the retirement age. The country will require a lot of funds to provide for the medical needs of the aging population. However, the current research may provide important insights for the Canadian government to formulate policies needed to manage the looming crisis.

In order to reduce the costs incurred in providing medical and long-term care for the aging population, the Canadian government may implement various programs that intend to keep elderly people active and socially involved. Moreover, retirement jobs may be created for the elderly to reduce the burden they may have to the government while keeping them busy.

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