Cameraman and Cuban Documentary

The paper entails a assessment of ‘Cuban and the Cameraman’ a documentary filmed by Jon Alpert and was launched in 2017 and documents the lives of the Cuban people. Many Americans think of Cuba as a place, and they do no longer think of people. Also, North Korea, East Germany and many other international locations in the world have stereotyped ideas about Cuba that are contributed by their restricted access to the island. Notably, Cuba is an isolated Island, and its records can be blinding. When one stands on the horizon and the bottom tip of the United States, no glimpse of the Island can be seen. The filmmaker Jon Albert spent most of his time in Cuba trying to bring the two worlds closer together and documented a 50 years’ worth of footage detailing his several trips to the land of Fidel Castro. In the documentary, Alpert features the assortment of the lives of the city folk and Cuban peasants and follows the transition of their lives over the years under the leadership of Dictator Fidel Castro.

Alpert invites viewers to evaluate the policies of Castro as a leader and the circumstances that surrounded his people. Notably, the documentary takes a humanistic approach to Fidel Castro’s life and reveals a troublesome sympathy towards a leader who was guilty of several human rights violations (Ehrlich, David 401). Through the lens of Alpert’s camera, the viewer can have significant insight into the ordinary lives of Cuban and the filmmaker describes the film as a museum of the whole evolution of electronic image-collection.

To sum it up, the documentary warrants a full view as it provides a personal examination of the filmmaker of the way Cuba did not change and changed for over forty years he visited and filmed the country including the memorable trip to the United States with Fidel Castro.

Work Cited

Ehrlich, David. “‘Cuba And The Cameraman’ Review: Netflix Presents An Enthrallingly Intimate Look At 50 Years Of Life In Cuba.” Contemporary Justice Review, vol 6, no. 4, 2016, pp. 401-402. Informa UK Limited, doi:10.1080/1028258032000144857.

Valentini, Valentina. “‘Cuba And The Cameraman’ Documentary Captures Castro Era, Evolution Of Video.” 2017,.

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