California “yes means yes” Law

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The “yes means yes” bill would go a long way to help minimize incidents of sexual assault not just in California but also in other parts of the United States of America on several campuses. A big milestone in the battle against sexual assault is the rule. Different parties can recognize the role they have to play in resolving the offense as the legislation comes into being. The legislation mandates all high schools to educate their students of the various ways in which an individual and culture as a whole are influenced by sexual harassment. By teaching high school children about sex and ways to overcome sexual harassment, equips them with better skills to overcome the offense if subjected to sexual victimization. The mandatory education policy will help the students learn various issues related to sexual victimization. Through the knowledge acquired, the students will know better ways to deal with acts of sexual victimization on not only campus but the outside world too. Through the legislation, the society will become more conscious of the various ways sexual victimization is carried out. The student will also learn how to help those affected and different legal actions they can use to address the problems. Teachers will also use the opportunity to teach their students good behaviors that will lead to a reduction in the cases of sexual assault in campuses. The formal education on sexual victimization received will help the pupils understand how to avoid sexual harassment, as they will have read the negatives effects brought about by sexual victimization (Walsh, 2015).

Many people different attitudes about sex and gender begin to shape up while in high school. Without proper guidance, the young men risk taking part in activities that will promote sexual violence in the society. The decision to have all high schools in California teach their children about sexual activity and ways of avoiding sexually related violence is well informed, as it will enable the students to make a better decision concerning sexual activities. The students’ perceptions towards sex will also help in shaping the students. The students will be able to know that they are coming of age and will have to take full responsibility for their sexual life (Lave, 2015). Therefore, the teaching will enable the student well informed to make decisions that will never have a negative impact on their sexual relationships.

By coming up with the policy, the state was supporting all initiatives that are against sexual battering. The law clearly indicates that the government is taking firm steps toward the elimination of sexual harassment. The enactment of the law means that the state of California is not leaving anything to chance in addressing all issues related to sexual victimization. The law helps scare anyone who is intending to carry out any act of sexual harassment. By coming up with the law, the state of California will also make financial allocation that will help in the implementation of the law (Carimico, Huynh, & Wells, 2016). The monetary contribution will also be used to set up agencies that will not only be promoting the teachings against sexual harassment but will be instrumental in taking legal action against those who participate in sexual victimization.

The enactment of the law “yes means yes” is a milestone in the fight against sexual harassment. The bill will help create awareness among the young people on the effects brought about by sexual offenses. The law will also play a critical role in setting up agencies that will champion the fight against sexual harassment in campuses.


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