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Management plans, unlike tactics, rely on strategic business objectives. Running a sole-owned company means-testing grand tactics such as product creation to liquidate the launch of a new sole-owned business to compete with a well-established business enterprise such as Starbucks, and the following strategies are very important. Due to the low risk involved, the appropriate approach to be put in place to deal with Starbuck would be business expansion. The approach focuses on growing the market share rather than engaging in research and design in order to better the new product and thus concentrates more on improving existing commercial drinks. To expand into a new market it may be necessary to penetrate other markets such as foreign countries using the current advanced technology to support the business market growth considering the revolutionary in the business environment.
Mulock ( 2012) define electronic commerce (E-commerce) as the use of information to enhance communication transaction with all of organization stakeholders majorly to gain market share, increase business profitability, improve customer service and fast delivery of business products. With most potential customers connected on internet, the use of social media will highly contributes to the new business market growth. The business will aim to extensively invest in social media to reach the mass distributed potential consumers and other business partners such as suppliers. The plan to use social- commerce in face book, you-tube and Instagram will allow the business to run a real-time updates on face book on current news, business events and business product information (Bajec, & Jakomin, 2010).
1.2 Build or Buy
Starting a new business could be the perfect solution rather than buying the Starbuck an established organization. Skripak ( 2017) developed a decision framework that helps simplify buy or build environment based on business strategy and economic factors. The current competitive is changing rapidly. Business strategy is of importance to the company in determining whether to buy or build in anticipating the future changes.
Economic factors
For a period of a long time, the basic goal of buying was to reduce the cost of expenditure which is not true currently. The impact of buying is costly on considering capital expenditure, return on invested capital and return on assets; In such a case, buying is very costly than starting a new business. According to Mulock( 2012) most entrepreneurs prefer buying an established business organization in order to avoid expenses of a starting a new business. Basically, relying on the starting a new business costs estimates ignoring the variable costs associated with buying but not total cost involved has made start up from scratch cheaper. The variable costs i.e. administrative costs, expanding inventories costs and the impact on lean flows are additional costs that contributes to high total cost associated with buying an established business such as Starbuck.
Business Strategy
The decision to buy or make must be guided by the common rule that determines the strategic success of the core product of company even after buying. Buying an established business like the Starbuck my change the perception of its loyal customers, the customers will tend to develop a negative attitude towards the new management which may adversely impact the business sales revenue. For example, when North America production bought a German company Lowenbraw based in US which was at the moment was performing so well. Customers shifts to other alternatives goods because the Lowernbraw loyal customers no longer consider the new management product as genuine
1.3 New business form of ownership
The major issue in considering the appropriate form of ownership when setting up a new business ownership lies on the understanding the feature of each form of ownership The impacts of such business and also the entrepreneur personal circumstances During the evaluation process in identifying the right business ownership, the following issues needs to be considered.

Tax consideration
The ever changing business environment normally affects the business income from time to time.
An entrepreneur should therefore calculate the average tax changes in the different period have effects on the firm bottom line (Mulock, 2012).
Liability exposure
When starting a new business, an entrepreneur balances the legal and financial liabilities and decides the level of which they are willing to assume personal responsibility for the company obligation. Most entrepreneurs with low tolerance for the risk of loss may choose a form of ownership that provides greater protection for the personal assets. Some forms of business ownership are better compared to others as far as sourcing of finance when raising the start-up capital. After start up, expansion of the business will call for extra capital so the type of ownership must be considered because some business ownership it’s easier to outsource outside financing (Bajec, & Jakomin, 2010).
Managerial ability
Skills and knowledge is one of the major factors to consider when starting a new business. Entrepreneurs have to assess their own ability to successfully manage and the business. In case of absence of such skills, entrepreneur needs to select a form of ownership that enables them to hire specialists with the needed skills and experience into the company (Skripak, 2017).
Cost of formation
The complexity of starting a new business varies from one form to another. Entrepreneur must carefully consider the legal procedure needed for each form and the benefits and costs of a particular form.
This business thus needs partnership form of business ownership to run smoothly and compete with the existing business such as Starbucks. A general partnership is a business jointly owned and run by a minimum of two and a maximum of 20 partners. Forming a partnership is not easy as it is in the case of sole proprietorship but still it easy and cheap. The cost of forming a partnership depends on the size and activities of the firm. This kind of business ownership is flexible. During its formation, partners are allowed to form simple partnership without the need to hire professionals in running business activities. The main challenging factor in running a partnership business is the unlimited liability among its partners. Each partner is personally liable for their actions and the other partner’s actions as well. Consequently, it is also accepted by the law for the partners to constitute a limited partnership. The partnership has several merit and demerits over the sole proprietorship. This kind of business ownership brings in diverse talents from different partners which promotes sharing of ideas and responsibilities in the business. On capital contribution, the partners are allowed to secure banks loans using their personal assets to contribute for the business capital. Continuity of a partnership is more guaranteed than in the case of the sole proprietorship; the partners can mutually agree to continue with the business even after the death of two or more partners (Bajec, & Jakomin, 2010).
1.4 Business plan outline
Executive Summary
1.4.1 Business description
The business name is E- CAFE. It deals with the sale of beverages products. The business is location in Seattle Washington DC; this is a strategic location in relation to targeted customers who comprise of general public. E-CAFE is a medium sized wholesale and retail business and it is in trade Industry which deals with the sale and providence of beverage and food stuffs to the people. It is to commence June 2017 under the stewardship of the partners. The planned business will be a start up and partnership owned.
1.4.2 Marketing plan
Marketing will be done to ensure that the business products are known. The customers are categorized as: individuals, business owners, institutions for educations. The business will therefore offer products with the prices and quality in accordance with their purchasing power. The estimated market share of US is 30%. The business will use the competitor’s weaknesses as strengths in order to increase the market share.
1.4.3 Organization and management plan
The business will recruit qualified personnel with relevant skills and experience that include: the Manager, Accountant, and Secretary, salesmen, attendants and other subordinates. Competent directors are the partners of business who leads the team and makes all decisions concerning the business. Vacancies will be advertised locally through; radio station, magazines and advertisement through brochures and posters. The business will offer off the Job training i.e. workshops and a trade fair to advance skills of the management team. The business will incur a total cost of $900 per month to remunerate its staff. Medical allowances as well as housing will also be catered for. The respective licenses and permits will be acquired from local authorities at a cost of $50 per annum.
1.4.4 Production and operation plan
The business premises will be located in Seattle Washington DC which includes the salesroom, offices and the storeroom. A total of 15 workers are required. The business will obtain the materials and equipments to be used before the start up of the business and after.
Production strategy to be used will be competent since the workers are all skilled. Records will kept and assets maintained as well as customer complaints addressed wisely. In the production procedures the following stages are included, the registration form is placed to accountant’s desk by the salesmen, and order is placed by the accountant with several suppliers. Catalogues receipts from the suppliers, an order is then sent to the supplier with correct terms, prices and products, delivery of goods to the business, inspection is done by the store man, recording is done and goods stored thereafter. Goods are displayed in the salesroom for sale.
1.4.5 The financial plan
The Business will require $7000 to start up. This amount is inclusive of pre-operational costs, working capital which will be used to cater for daily operations of the investment. We expect an average income of $200 Monthly. We further project a breakeven level of $2000 which is considerably impressive. This is Impressive evidence of progress and the bank can be approached for further loans in case of financial need arise.

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