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Planning to plan is sometimes named. Planning in an organization tends to map a path for target accomplishment. If the boss or departmental head of an organization prepares, they should be confident that the company or departmental objective will step in the right direction. But what can be changed in terms of corporate operations in the coming days? The main forms of planning that managers may do are: political, logistical and organizational. Except here, we’re all about strategic strategy. The strategy is a framework of strategies or approaches that may enable a company or enterprise to accomplish its key purpose or objective (Shethna, 2017). Strategic Planning
We start by describing what planning is, a deliberate effort that director(s) of an organization spearhead or put forth, having the knowledge of the abilities of the employees, to ensure the organization reaches its goals. So, strategic planning is a set of designed measures that the managements are to make a decision on what aids the organization in reaching its long-term goals. Strategic planning is a review and planning process that is undertaken to make thoughtful decisions about the future of an organization that ensures its success. (Shethna, 2017). In every organization, the management must have some plans and design that enable it to achieve the smaller goals, which collectively comprises of the main aim of why the organization exists. The strategic planning process is usually achieved also when a company’s mission is rightly defined by the staff and the management, or its leadership is able to assess where it is present.


Shethna, Jesal. (2017). EDU CBA; 10 Effective Steps for Strategic Planning Process. Retrieved on August 16th, 2017 from

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