Business Ethical and Social Responsibilities

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In order to ensure an equilibrium between the economy, social security and development, the government sets legislation that guides business operations. The key theme of Ayn Rand’s novel “The role of the mind in the nature of human life.” The author explicitly identifies the origins of all human ideals and awareness that the lack of spirit lies at the root of all evil in society. The author explains that. Businesses will use their brains to generate products and services and to develop good ties with the community by supplying them with beneficial programs. Therefore, basing the argument on the Atlas Shrugged novel, the mind of a human being play a vital role in their business lives and the statement can be justified based on the ethical and social responsibilities of business.

To begin with, the novel describes that the act of material production reflects the purposeful as well as the rational character of a person. For instance, I support the basic statement of the book since a person of a sound mind possesses moral virtues such as justice, integrity as well as honesty as shown in the novel. For instance, most of the characters such as Dagny Taggart and Hank Rearden uses their mind in their different fields of works which include entrepreneurship and industrialist. Similarly, the government officials use their brains to enhance justice in trade. They imposed taxation to help in the redistribution of wealth to the needy individuals. Also, they ensure large community welfare programs to help the needy citizens.

In conclusion, the premise of the book can be justified basing the argument on the ethical and the social responsibilities of business. For instance, business people use their mind to understand that any business should not be concerned only with the profits rather than customer satisfaction and environmental preservation. Also, business ethics created by companies ensures that business practices are ethical and morally accepted by the community. Business entities possess attributes such as honesty, integrity, fairness as well as justice to the members of the society as described by Ayn Rand in the novel. Furthermore, in balancing the community’s welfare and profit maximization, the government sets rules that ensure redistribution of wealth as well as the support of social programs which is clearly depicted in the novel.

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