Breaking the Anti-Immigrant Fever

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Trump has recently issued a ban on numerous people from different countries entering the United States. The countries that have been most affected are those with a clear Muslim history. The two articles have found that it important to discuss the current issues that face this Islamic states, the effect that they feel and the bad persona that Donald Trump has made for himself. In the article that is entitled, “The Social Scientific Case Against a Muslim Ban”, Lyons-Padilla and Gelfand proves a justifiable reason that the reasons that Trump has banned various nations from coming into the U.S.A is not guided by false pretense and rather are backed up by responses from social science. (Lyons-Padilla). The two writers that have one common ground of identifying the minority and also the view that they have for the Muslim minorities and the view that the Islamic extremist causes. The authors write: “Trump’s ban may very well promote the psychological conditions that fuel the radicalization he seeks to combat” (Lyons-Padilla). The second article goes ahead and mentions that most of the decisions that the president has made has been met by fierce criticism and distrust ever since he became sworn into office. Making sure that the majority of the Muslims states does not enter the U.S.A has brought various organizations under a common table. The authors go ahead and issue that most of Trumps actions have an effect in abandonment and show the rejection of the law in which has been formed to protect everyone.

The broader public does constitute the American citizens that the President is trying to protect by placing temporary bans on the immigration sector. In deed there are visa documents that the public has been mandated to use which shall guide them to safety shielding them from deportation. The reflection about the public is that they feel that they are superior than the minority, a reason that can back this claim is due to how they voted in numbers knowing particularly well that this candidate would cause such immense problems since he had already indicated that in his campaigns. The minority group on the other hand are immigrants and other people that do not have proper papers of citizenship. Some of the immigrants have to seek asylum since their countries are at war. The issue of seeking an asylum should be the document that they use to define themselves. It is quite ironical that few people, are the ones that are concerned with the discrimination of the minority. They are concerned about how the majority is trying to impose inequality. The president is obligated to bring the minority and majority together to a common stand. When a leader faces a country that is divided due to the laws they have implemented themselves he/she has to make sure that a common ground is found where they can agree. The key rhetorical feature that has been used in this context is Machiavelli where the oppressed minority group feels that they are being undermined by the president that is more focused on deporting and disallowing immigrants from certain countries that have deep Muslim backgrounds. The terms that characterize this feature is the ways in which they have carried out the exercise of disallowing Muslims and banning immigrants that are fleeing from countries of war.

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Women have never been united as they have on the last month. They have one common goal which involves them speaking about different oppression issue. The crowd was so many that even someone could not move easily without stumbling to different people. the signs that they had spoken about different issues that surrounds immigration, abortion, race and environment. They felt that they had some message that they had to pass to the public. Amanda Hess looks back two months how the group was not unified against any common goal but now they are suddenly holding each other’s hand (Enriquez). Feminism seems to control the masses hence the question to ask is will it make sure that it adds more masses who shall be more inspired to fight against the national government. Tens of thousands of women had decided to join in the war and used social media to spread their dislike in the current government. feminism has always been there filling most candidates like Hillary Clinton at this moment all they require is to be listened to. The second articles on the other hand speaks about how women from all ages poured from different areas they consisted different ages, races and state they all had gathered to protest. They are feminist groups that are concerned about their rights being infringed.

The group being discussed on the two articles represent feminist women that believe in the power of being united. They are concerned about the manner in which the abortion clause is heading and hence most of them tend to be against such enhancement (Hess). They have identity that makes them stand out that the fact that they are united under feminism indicates a proper deal of women that need change. The leader that can discuss their issues that they have brought to the table would be the government that has been reluctant up to this moment. They seem to be in constant awareness of their rights and they want the issue to be resolved and as seen above they are under the full impression that if they tell the public about the different problems they are facing they shall get an enclosure. However, that is not the case since they are fighting a war against powerful subjects that do not want to be defeated easily it is more than a psychological game where both parties hope one of them would be tired and surrender. What can be seen from these women reveals a well that cannot be dried up easily. The rhetorical feature in this is that they are conspiring against the national government using their strong stand to try and win the battle that exist between them.

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