Breaking Bad Actors

Breaking Bad is an American television series about a high school chemistry teacher named Walter White. He struggles to make ends meet on a meager salary, while his pregnant wife and teenage son with cerebral palsy need his money for medical treatment. When he learns he has terminal cancer, he decides to turn his old RV into a mobile meth lab.

Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul plays the main character, Jesse Bruce Pinkman, in the hit series Breaking Bad. Jesse is a crystal meth cook and dealer who works alongside Walter White. He is the only character who appears in every episode of the series. The show is considered to be a masterpiece of television writing, and the cast is very talented.

Aaron Paul began his career in music videos and guest roles on television and movies. He also had a small role in 2001’s sci-fi flick “K-PAX” with Kevin Spacey as a space invader. He later appeared in the film’s ending as Mark Powell’s son. In another role, he played Rick Meade, who is the younger brother of Julia Meade, who is engaged to Tom Cruise.

Bryan Cranston
As the titular character of the acclaimed television series Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston has won numerous awards and accolades. He has received five Golden Globe nominations and one Screen Actors Guild Award for his performance. He previously earned three nominations for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for his role on Malcolm in the Middle. He has also co-created and directed episodes of several television shows. His acting credits include The One and Only Ivan, From the Earth to the Moon, and Breaking Bad.

Cranston first got his break when he was cast in a TV commercial. He was only eight years old when he got the role and soon began pursuing acting classes. He was cast in a TV commercial by his father when he was eight years old. While he was studying at junior college, he had an epiphany while riding a motorcycle cross-country.

Michael Bowen
Michael Bowen is an Emmy-winning actor who plays Uncle Jack in “Breaking Bad.” Before he was cast as Uncle Jack, he played Danny on “Lost,” Buck in “Kill Bill,” Mark Dargus on “Jackie Brown,” and Valley dude boyfriend in “Valley Girl.” His career began as an actor, but his breakthrough role on “Breaking Bad” changed everything.

Michael Jackson got his first acting role in “Valley Girl” in 1983. He worked out and consumed tons of protein, getting to his ideal size three weeks before filming began. He dropped six pounds for the 2012 film, “Django Unchained,” and dropped another four pounds before the first season of “Breaking Bad” started. He said he did not want to gain the body fat of the 21st century.

Anna Gunn
While Breaking Bad is a great show, one of its biggest problems is the fact that it has a problem with portraying female characters as more than secondary figures. Its writers never showed much interest in the deepest facets of women’s lives. This led to a lot of unsatisfying episodes.

Michael Esposito
Michael Esposito is a well-known actor who has starred in several television shows, including the hit NBC series Breaking Bad. Previously, Esposito appeared in several Spike Lee films, including the police drama Homicide: Life on the Street and the comedy Mo’ Better Blues. He also starred as Sidney Glass on Once Upon a Time and as Tom Neville on the science fiction drama Revolution. The actor is currently working on a new show called Parish, which will premiere on AMC in 2023.

Michael Esposito has been nominated for a Primetime Emmy for his role as Gus on Breaking Bad. He first appeared on the show in 2009’s “Mandala” and quickly rose to fame as one of the show’s most feared villains. In the subsequent two seasons, he would eventually die at the hands of Walter White in the episode “Face Off.”

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