Blackberry Picking Poem

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This document contains a full version of Heaney’s poem Blackberry Picking, this poem is one source of my evaluation in this essay. The poem’s main idea is to personify life and dying using the blackberries and the speakers desire to lengthen the life of the blackberries. It exposes the early causes of death and the trust of death and life after death. The human hope for long existence is clearer in this article, a strong belief that the dead has every other life shows real hope. This paper is very useful in the analysis of theme of death and hope.

Kinnell, Galway, and Christine Bertelson. Blackberry Eating. New York: WB Ewert, Publisher, 1980.Retrievedfrom Accessed 23 April 2017

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Written in one stanza containing fourteen lines, the article on Blackberry Eating helps to develop the thesis. The poem is written in free verse and it explores the poem explores the aspect of age on death. Old comes with too much suffering before death. This poem is important as it enables the thesis to expose age in relation to the theme of death.It exposes the horrors and necessity of death as part of the mortal human beings. It also exposes the human acceptance of death when it comes. This short story enables the thesis to capture the capacity of human acknowledgment and facts on existence of death.

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