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As early as the establishing of the recorded time, the issue of the end of the world has been revolving around the thought s of the people. Religion adherents have therefore held the notion that the world will end via extraordinary catastrophes, such as earthquakes, nuclear, or a similar devastation as portrayed in the Bible. However, we have no chance of understanding whether the world will actually end, less if that came about tomorrow. Guided by this research question, this research question, this lookup helped expand my knowledge on the world end and religion.
To start with, various religious groups have regularly set up a date when the world would end. Among them, the Shakers, and Jehovah witness as noted by Staff (2009) who held that the world would end in 1792, and 1914 and 1994 respectively. With such groups even commencing preparations for the final day, such as building bunkers, the predicted days came and passed without any sign of end of the world. Staff opinions that cut across the various religions renders one to question why there have been countless trust on information composed hundreds of years ago on to the present end of the world that is so imminent. Basing my facts on this research I wondered whether, such predictions such as the judgment day and the Armageddon were in fact a way of compelling people to abide by the moral values.

The end of the world also raises the question of life after death. Will people live or die? If we live, will it be in the physical body or spiritual form? What if there is no life after death? The answers to these question are however embedded in the beliefs and teachings of each religion. As such the predictions on the end of life are therefore based on these teachings. Hickson (2012) posits to the end of the world prophesies following the failure as predicted in the Mayan calendar. Of noteworthy, the various beliefs by scholars who argue that the world will regenerate by destroying the evil. These notions told over time have therefore cemented the belief that the world will eventually end. With it, any catastrophe is thus a tale sign of the imminent end times.

Whereas, the various teachings do not specify a particular day that the world will end, clues however exist on to what the end times will actually resemble. Norwood (2015) terms these predictions to as failed prophesies. In particular, the revelation of Rev. Miller, a Baptist preacher who predicted the world to end in 1843 and 1844, and made his followers to sell their possessions and property. With such false prophesies leading to major disappointments in people, I became convinced that such predictions will continue being put across as no one actually has a definite date of world end.

In predicting the end of the world, numbers and years found in the various religious literature have mainly been used. For example, the chronology of the events in the bible as outlined by Artikelen (2016) became provided me with a different view of the false prophesies of the dooms day. In this analysis, Artikelen explains the numbers such as 100, 50, 70, and 40 that represented the number of years that it took for biblical prophesies to be fulfilled. By linking these numbers with the recent catastrophes such as the September 11 and the financial crises of 2008, this source pointed to the signs similar to those witnessed by the Israelites before the fulfillment of prophesies. This left me wondering, whether the doomsday prophets such as Rev Miller could actually have been referring to the signs.

Predictions of dooms day as attributed to catastrophes such as large asteroids reaching the surface of the earth have been rife but also discarded due to the nature of technology put in place in foreseeing such occurrence as well as well as destroying them. Put forward by scientists, the disregard for the end of the world thus goes against the religious beliefs. Alluding to Northcott (2016), the signs attributed to the doomsday such as floods are but natural occurrences that were common even in the ancient past. As such the doomsday argument is therefore limited.

Theil however rejects views put forward by scientists noting that whereas it is difficult to place a particular date to the doomsday, the events described in the Book of revelation offers incredible evidence on the end times. This view is also shared by Artikelen (2016) that attributes natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, and recessions as signs to the great tribulations.


Whereas various studies hold different opinions on the end of the world, a common ground can be established from this research on the fact that no one has the ultimate truth on whether the world will eventually end. Prophesies on the end of the world will therefore remain a mystery as natural and manmade disasters overcrowd peoples judgments. Whether religion and science will provide answers to when the world will end and even if it happens tomorrow remains to be seen.

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