Beyond the Bayou,

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The provided study of the theme of bravery is based and focused on a single narrative with a strong thematic emphasis and intrigues. The tale is a very lively and handy source of many outstanding thematic lessons of considerable worth and taste. It is one of Kate Chopin’s finest works of literature. This text, known as “Beyond the Bayou,” is interesting, and the way it elaborates on the theme of bravery is nothing short of excellent. Courage is a critical component of meaning that, when applied appropriately and rigorously, will describe a bright future or dream achievement. For this reason, courage stands out as a unique and important theme in the text and warrants in-depth analysis and evaluation in the story of “Beyond the Bayou,”

In the story “Beyond the Bayou,” the presence of theme of courage is far beyond doubts and is ingrained in the inherent contextual arguments. Kate Chopin stay in the solitary cabin shows how courageous she was. She was left alone the moment the other quarters were forcefully vacated and cleared away to places she would not trace or imagine. Kate was ready to face anything which came her way during her lonely life. She never bothered the influence or impact of the loitering male population. Her physical strength was a very reliable source of motivation for Jacqueline as she was famously known. Everybody was not at peace with any confrontation with her. No body fell asleep in her arms since everyone was wondering about the life of this lonely lady. Being courageous calls for the ability to go for the odds like Jaqueline. She decided to go animalistic, and the negative thoughts about her social life were futile and could not move her from her majestic courage character.

Moving to the character of Jacqueline, she was indeed a special lady who feared nothing even deadly objects and weapons and hence promotes the notion and idea of courage in the text. She encounters an armed young man who by the look of things could be a real threat and source of fear for any woman like her. However, that was not the case for an audacious and unabashed lady. The manner in which she approached her conversation with the young boy showed how dauntless and valiant she was towards gun weapons and even rifles (Chopin). Normally a lady would tremble on such untimely visit from an armed folk. The move she took when the young boy, Cheri was crying in pain and agony in a stone’s throw locality from her residence was another value of courage and desire to utilize her powerful heart to help those in need(Chopin). She had mastered the forest landscape where the young boy was met by the mysterious and unfortunate event. She did not feel depressed on the situation which befell the young man. She used her strong attitude towards saving those in pain and the end she found herself in one of the fearful places of absolute desertion.

Jacqueline courage goes far and beyond the expectations of the audience. For example, carrying a victim of violence solely for such a long distance was quite phenomenal. Jacqueline took it to her responsibility, and through the drive of courage, she battled the nasty and inhumane conditions of the derelict landscape to ensure that Cheri receives the much-needed help to rescue her shattering life condition (Chopin). Her cry for help during the rescue mission was a motivation for her as an individual. She became stronger and courageous the moment she listened her cry drop down with no response at all times. Jacqueline encouraged herself, and the work she did was even impossible to the average men.

Jacqueline’s manifestation of courage overrides her physical disposition or mere ability as a woman. For instance, the return journey after successfully delivering the paining Cheri to safe hands was quite a courageous stand. She beat the tricky chills of the silent night and being lonely she could not backtrack or shake under the cheeky moves of the night deeds. Walking such long distance over the night with no company for a lady is a surprise and pure consternation. Many would not believe the aftermath narration from this wonderful lady (Chopin). Men would be bemused and challenged by such a remarkable story. This is simply courage. Just unbelievable! To make matters more interesting, she woke up very early in the morning to go back to Cheri’s place to get a first-hand picture of her situation after the unfortunate and cruel event which befell her. She was able to beat all early morning darkness and silence fears which seriously affect women. Her courage helped nurture her helping character and concern for others. If it was not for the courageous character, she could not have done such a challenging and risky taking mission. (Chopin)

Finally according to (Chopin) the story is a typical source of an unprecedented scene of confidence bound courage. Women and courage have shown a newly structured and fascinating feel of courage. Courage should not be left for the male gender alone, we all have the ability and strengthen to undertake formidable acts of courage just like Jacqueline. Courage is one of the biggest thematic expressions from “Beyond the Bayou” (Chopin). The virtue of courage in women is something which everybody should cultivate and revitalize at all levels of human life and association.

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