Between the World and Me, Chapter 2 of the Dialectical Journal

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Coates claims in his writing that he invested He spent his study searching for the correct question to answer in order to explain what was going on between the universe and him (118). He had some encounters where he didn’t realize how they happened.
For example, during his education, Coates saw beautiful things that betrayed his eyes. He saw money, beautiful vehicles, and treehouses, among other lovely items, and he wondered how he could obtain them. He was still curious about what lay behind them, but he had no idea. From his childhood and education history, it is worth pointing out that Coates grew up in a confined environment that could not allow him to interact with the outside environment. For this reason, I view Coates as suffering from racial syndrome where black people still live in violent, squalid conditions due to redlining and discriminatory housing laws.

In the quote, “The lines around race are much, much harsher at home. I am not saying they do not have issues around racism here or in London or wherever, but racism in America is very, very sexualized,” (119), show that racial segregation seriously dominating in America.

He is surprised to see a different case in Paris. Unlike America, Paris has no much slavery, violence and sexual discrimination. He says that sexual violence in America has seriously affected how black societies are viewed.

From his experience, I hereby draw a reflection that growing up in Baltimore, his original homeland had circumscribed his conception of the wider world. From his experience, I concur with him saying that every human being is equal and should be given equal treatment irrespective of the gender, age or background.

A theme of adventure and exploration is realized from Coates` experiences (124). He saw the picture the wife had taken of the unbelievable doors she took when she was there. He was stuck for he never thought the doors would be different elsewhere. This makes him plan for his visit to Paris.

It is interesting to see Coates visiting Paris seven years thereafter. His determination makes him realize his dream. Funnily enough, he became scary initially following his new experiences, but thereafter he was acquainted to the situation. His bold movements make him visit various places like public gardens, museums and many other places.

From this experience, it is worth pointing out that fear can make one lose a lot in life. Coates blames himself for his personal fears. In fact, he is ashamed of himself and apologizes for his own generational enigmas and chains. I reach into agreement with him by saying that it is through fear that makes ones` right and freedom be infringed, as it is in America.

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