Belief I hold Essay

I believe in the Christian faith that there is only one God, the supreme being who created the world and everything in it, including the oceans, earth, and air, and who exists as the trinity, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I also believe that Jesus is God’s son who was sent to redeem humanity from sin and that God can only forgive individuals if they have faith in him. I believe in Jesus’ teachings, which can be summed up in two statements: God is grace, and love for one another in love.
The Christian faith is unlike other religions where instead of adhering to numerous religious acts and rituals that specify different do’s and don’ts, a relationship with the creator takes more prominence. According to the faith, one attains a right relationship with God through faith in his son Jesus Christ by accepting to be born again as a new creation. As a result, one is made right with God and is made heir of the promises of eternal life. However, the faith also notes that judgment awaits all who do not believe in Jesus through eternal damnation in hell.
According to the faith, God has given man the Bible which Christians believe is inspired by him to guide man in living lives that are right, honest and true. Further, through prayer, the faith highlights that man is able to communicate with God. While prayer takes different forms, ranging from personal to more formal schemes, the faith highlights that God listens to prayer and always offers his assistance. In summary, the Christian faith expresses the dictum Credo Deum, “I believe God is”, Credo Deo “I believe in what God says” and Credo in Deum “I am in God, and therefore I have faith or trust in Him”.

Reliability of the Belief
Based on the reason dimension of the Wesleyan Quadrilateral, one source of my Christian belief stems from the rationality of creation in which man is differentiated from fellow organisms. Based on the Christian belief, man is created after the image of God thereby differentiating him from other forms of life. By observing different forms of creation, one is able to easily see that only man has been able to use his mental capacity to advance himself to unimaginable levels to and as well he alone has been able to subdue other organisms to his guidance. Further, man is able to reason after reading the Bible to do God’s will and collaborate with his co-creative pursuits. Subsequently, man is able to employ his creativity to bring new forms of life.
Secondly, based on the revelation dimension, it is often argued that God reveals himself through creation and through his scriptures. For instance, by observing the depth of unexplored organisms in the sea and in space, one comes to terms with the knowledge that God is all-powerful and one whose knowledge is beyond comprehension. Similarly, by simply considering the diversity that exists among different individuals that make up the human population in terms of language, culture, and physical form, it is often revealed of the almighty nature of God as a creator who prides in diversity. Further, through the scriptures, Christians are made aware of the love of God in disparate circumstances.
Thirdly, based on the tradition dimension, the Christian community created by Jesus while he lived on earth has over time grown gained a reputation that makes it easy to identify with the community. Apart from the different sacred cloth worn by different clergy, one is able to associate with the Christian community mainly through their actions and the decisions they make when faced with difficult situations. Often, as different psychological studies reveal, the church is seen as an available avenue where troubled individuals are able to seek and receive help. For instance, military personnel who struggle with post traumatic stress disorders and who are seen to commit suicide most of the time, are often directed to the Church where their hope is restored through cultivating a relationship with God.
Finally, based on the experience dimension, God’s participation in different historical acts and personal lives also affirm the Christian belief. Acts such as individuals surviving after terminal illnesses, receiving healing in ways that puzzle physicians, and military personnel receiving mental healing from their relationship with God after suffering from post traumatic stress disorders help one affirm their belief in God as a supreme being who always provides assistance to those who believe in him.

Relationships of the beliefs to everyday life
The Christian faith occupies a significant role in my everyday life given that when faced with difficult situations, revelation after reading the scripture and prayer offers clear guidance on the course of action that I take. Further, when faced with hopeless situations, my Christian faith enables me to increase my hope by trusting in God and his ever present help.

Based on my cultural context, my practice of the Christian faith is normative since its principles guide me to undertake ethical behavior which is compliant with the requirements of my culture. However, my belief often requires me to reject or modify some aspects of modernity and individualism. For instance, instead of following the proposition of selfish behavior as recommended by our cultural context, Christianity often requires me to consider others and love them as I would love myself. Further, when making disparate judgment, my decisions are often guided by the teachings of the Christian faith instead of personal indulgencies. As a result, the belief I have puts me in a vision towards living a righteous life that is right with God.

In conclusion, my belief in the Christian faith not only influences my thought processes and judgments, it also has an influence on the way I conduct myself and on the actions I undertake in different circumstances. My belief in salvation through faith in Jesus helps me realize that by cultivating a personal relationship with God, I am able to live a life that is right according to him thereby living righteously. Secondly, by believing in life after death, I am able to appreciate the fullness of life and live more wholesomely on earth.

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