Being a Writer of Essays

In the previous writing used to be one thing that I didn’t care much about and would get it done with any substances that required to be written such as assignments hastily without thinking how they are supposed to be done. However, after taking more than a few classes, I have learned a lot about writing through looking at the central working of formal writings, to scrutinize and analyze every part, and learn its importance and also what it’s supposed to contribute. Over the semester, I have turn out to be a better writer since I can write higher essays than those that I wrote in high school.
Writing about an unforgettable accident, the first paper of the term which I wrote got here easily to me or so as I thought. However, when the results of the paper came, my professor had some questions about my thesis and some unrelated events in my paper. The essay also lacked illustrations to make my points stronger, and he commented on my simple and repetitive sentence structures. After these comments, I knew I had to work hard for my next paper. On my next paper, teenage marriages, my thesis was very clear, and my paragraphs flowed very well. Moreover, I needed to work on my sentence construction skills to make the reader want to read more of my work.

I also added drafts with my classmate’s responses and also suggestions from my professor to get a clear picture of my performance or how much I had learned during the semester. The response peer sessions were one of the most important parts of the class since we analyzed each other’s’ essays. Peer response sessions helped me think much about my writing and also learned that other people could also gain something from my writing. Relying on only what the teacher taught in the class didn’t seem very helpful to me.

Although in the course of the semester, my writing skills have improved, I still find difficulties while writing a research proposal. The reason behind this difficulty is because I find it very difficult to write a paper about a plan that I will use in the future. I prefer writing an essay that focuses on past and present events rather than wasting my time and effort writing about something that I am going to write in the future. Due to this reason, I did not put much work in writing my proposal for the research paper, and therefore I decided to exclude it from my portfolio since it was the weakest.

Finally, the essays you are about to have a look at are just but the beginning, and a learning platform for me to continue improving my writing into something better and of high quality. Over the course, I have also learned that good writing requires a lot of hard work. I have also learned that good writing comes when I get a clear picture of how parts of my writing are supposed to fit in together. Nowadays, when I have a piece of formal work that being require to be written down, I have writing tools that I have learned and use them to write a quality piece of work rather than simply writing to finish my assignment. Therefore, this ability to use writing tools to provide quality work is an indication that I had achieved some of the goals that I had set at the beginning of the semester.


Roshdi Rashed

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