Behavior Therapy- Physical Aggression

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Bryan became physically violent today during today’s visit when I extended my hand for a handshake and he refused to hold his end on the handshake. In the visitation room, he ran into a corner and stood there looking at me for about five minutes. I attempted to ignore him as he glared at me. Bryan came and hit me in order to get my attention. I redirected him to tap one shoulder or say, excuse me, to illustrate good conduct. Neutral redirection is regarded as the strategy I was trying to put into effect. Bryan became physically aggressive when I gave him a paper and told him to write down his name. I asked him to wind up that time was up, but he kept on scratching something down on the paper. When I insisted, Bryan started hitting me as he wanted to continue with the scratching. I guided him to clean up his writing materials without talking at him or looking at him throughout the task. This worked as Bryan write down his name and gave me the paper.
After a while, Bryan’s sister came by with her playing toys. Bryan ran unto her and started fighting for the toy with his sister. He became angrier when I stopped him from fighting for the toy with his sister. To manage his behavior, I kept his sister out of sight and gave Bryan a pencil instead. His aggression lasted for a little while he chewed the pencil and later calmed down. I went for her sister and asked for another toy which I gave to Bryan and taught him how to play with the toy.
Later on, Bryan mother came to pay a visit and Bryan held her clothes firmly to a point of tearing them. Her mother tried to shout at him, but It didn’t work out. To manage this behavior, I sang a soft song that turned Bryan’s attention from his mother. His mother joined me in the song and Bryan stared clapping to the rhythm. This made him calm down and he went ahead to hug his mother.
Bryan showed non-compliance when I asked him to move out and play football in the backyard. He ran throughout the room screaming and pushing things against the wall while throwing some to me. I held him from the back and tried to drag him outside where he screamed and said that I was hurting him. To manage this behavior, I did not give in to his demands. I told him he must play or else I won’t let him back in the house again. He complied and kicked the ball and asked me to join him I playing it.
In the afternoon hours, Bryan started showing tantrum behavior. He had some homework they were given at school. Bryan developed outbursts before he started working on the homework. To manage this behavior, I gave him frequent breaks and supported him in areas he had difficulties with. I showed him how to organize his work and broke intimidating tasks into smaller tasks to give him ample time to complete each question.
After a while, Bryan started to jump on the table and the sit back on the chair repeatedly which made the whole scenario sound awry. I decided not to talk to him for a while, but he didn’t change his behavior. To manage this behavior, I drag Bryan to another room that had no items he could bang his hands on. He stayed there for a while until he calmed down.

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