Before Tiberius came with the idea of land redistribution

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Before Tiberius came up with the concept of division of property, only the rich traders were able to buy land. You can see how much was considered too much for a person and even a family, as it became apparent how much land was to be leased to traders and how much was to be granted to small farmers. Following Tiberius’ attempts to redistribute land, the government set a cap on the amount of land to be possessed by each person. Just a single individual was entitled to own 310 acres equal to 500 iugera (Plutarch, n.d.). The excess property was left to the state who had the right to sell it to the landless people. Moreover, the landless poor were given the same amount of land. The wealthy landowners were denied the chance to dominate the agrarian areas of the empire through renting huge tracks of public land which they later considered to be private.
Tiberius also invoked the 240-year-old sextian-Licinian law limiting the amount of land to be owned by a single person. The Hermici were also forced to cede two-thirds of their land which was to be distributed to the smaller farmers and the landless together with other public lands. The land was reallocated according to the family size and the soil fertility, and the peasants enjoyed the right to the product of their land (Plutarch, n.d.).The main aristocratic landholdings were also redistributed among the urban poor citizens with each person getting a minimum of 312 acres of land. The poor landless families were given their piece of land which means that they no longer subjected to any torture by the rich landowners.

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