Baroque style in painting and sculpture

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The Baroque style and technique is used in painting, sculpture and various work of art. It is a style that uses exagerated motion to communicate a clear message that can easily be understood and interpreted.
Key areas that fit in the style
Reason for choosing the Painting
Comparison to modern film/situation
Jan de Baen
c. 1672 – c. 1675
The Jan De Barn painting of two corpses titled ” The corpses of the De Witt Brother” which show two nude corpses of Johan and Cornelis De Witt hanging upside down on a public execution ground where they were assassinated by political opponents (“The Corpses Of The De Witt Brothers, Jan De Baen (Attributed To), C. 1672 – C. 1675 – Rijksmuseum”).

The use of intense lighting fits into the style. The painting can easily be interpreted in details.

The painting is so clear to understand even from a simple glimpse.

In the modern film industry, the nudeness would be censored in most cases but in this painting the victims’ nudeness is clearly depicted.


Frans Hals

c. 1622

Portrait of a Couple, Probably Isaac Abrahamsz Massa and Beatrix van der Laen. This is a painting of a couple smiling as they comfortably sit close to each other (“Paintings – Works Of Art – Rijksstudio – Rijksmuseum”) . The painting depicts love and devotion of either of the subjects to each other.

The intensive use of color to shade different parts of the portrait is one aspect that clearly fits into the Baroque style.

Upon a simple look at the painting one can easily translate the painting into drama.

The pose as a well as the comfort that is depicted by the painting is one thing that is most admirable.

The portrait implements to a great extent black and white shades but in the modern situation, there would a mix of more colors.

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