Authentication through Password

The article provides a clear and concise theoretical overview of password authentication, which, according to the author, has fallen behind current practice in the modern world. To survive in a dynamic environment, password service providers use back-end smarts in conjunction with imperfect technology (Bonneau et al. 02). Despite the risks associated with password authentication, passwords will continue to be useful for anticipated future needs to provide security against unauthorized access at a low cost. For starters, a random user model that generates passwords uniformly and independently from a set of possible passwords creates the possibility of attack vulnerability. When it comes to password selection, the technique produces ineffective regulations and protocols. The model overlooks the threats of offline attacks designed through phishing, client malware or virus, and channel eavesdropping (Bonneau et al 05).
The deployment of Compatible Time-Sharing System in 1961 MIT has raised several questions on the security issues. Most of the passwords used could be guessed as well as leakage from the master file due to all the keys and numeric used in designing the passwords existed in un-encrypted form (Bonneau et al. 08).Improving the security requires the use of graphic design passwords such as biometric data of the users.
The introduction of E-commerce has caused serious threats on siphoning information from various sites. The use secure electronic transactions protocols in authenticating the clients’ identification through the use of private key appeared cumbersome since the market was still developing (Bonneau et al. 12). The use Secure Socket Layer in checking the Web-Site users’ authenticity looked risky due to lack of defined procedure to support the same.
In conclusion, computer scientists and information communication technology expertise have put diligent effort to improve password authentication. However, users also need to learn the new techniques of hackers using to infiltrate the systems to enhance the security.

Work Cited
Bonneau, Joseph, et al. “Passwords and the evolution of imperfect authentication.” Communications of the ACM 58.7 (2015): 1-14.

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