Aspirations and Career Goals

I grew up in a cohesive community where members were worried about the welfare of each other. I found, however, that, aside from the concern and care of the majority of the community members, many issues encountered by individuals and families need professional intervention. Mental and emotional wellbeing was one of the main concerns that attracted my interest when I was growing up. I worked with members of the group who were suffering from addictive, behavioral, emotional, developmental and mental health issues. I came to understand that with their family members, many individuals and others who find themselves with these conditions endure a lot of pain. They have to cope with changes in lifestyle resulting from the impaired ability of their family members and the financial implications of the conditions. It requires a constant intervention plan that can help them and the family accept the situation, cope with it and all the changes that it warrants. My realization made me develop an interest in becoming a licensed social worker. I intent to work closely with families and members of the community to ensure that we effetely prevent and handle cases of emotional, mental, addictive, behavioral and developmental disorders.

Working with human behavior and development can be fascinating, especially if it involves the whole community. From a young age, I have always liked staying close to people, making new friends and learning from them. This does not only make our lives easier and more fascinating but also gives me a feeling of satisfaction that I am being of help to humanity. Having come from a cohesive and functional community, I believe that my dedication in collaboration with the community members will be able to ensure that the wellbeing of the community members is well catered for.

Many social work services can be provided by an unlicensed individual that holds a bachelor’s degree in social work. However, I have to ensure that I enhance my relevance and ability to handle mental and emotional conditions among my clients. This explains why I will have to ensure that I meet the standards set by the regulating body and apply for licensure. Before this, I will have to undertake various examinations and tests that are meant to help the licensing board understand my skills and competence. I am fully prepared for this challenge that includes taking a degree in social work and courses that focus on the specific work that I intend to do as a social worker.

Being a social worker comes with challenges. Though I am committed to ensuring that I spend a good amount of time and energy promoting the wellbeing of the community and families, I understand that self-care is very important and should also be given a priority. A social worker is both a professional and a person. This means that one must distinguish between their life and work. Though I need empathy and connection with my clients, I must obtain a balance between the two. I am emotionally prepared to face and handle difficulties and heavy workloads that are likely to come up during my profession. I also understand that not all people will appreciate my efforts or services. I have been talking to people in the profession in order to get a picture of the likely challenges that I will face. I also intend to remain in touch with my mentors whose advice and guidance will be instrumental in helping me build resilience towards challenges that will likely arise in the course of my work.

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