Artificial dispersal of endangered epiphytic lichens: a tool for conservation in boreal forest landscapes

This article is written of Marlene Liden and the author is describing the presence of dangerous spaces like the boreal woodland which are becoming the symbol of danger over there. It is article is credible due to the fact it is collected from a reliable source that is the on line library. This source is reliable for my essay as I am working on the same topic, moreover, there are many different articles citing the same article that I am using here. It clearly explains its reliability.
Heimbuch, Jaymi. “”30 fascinating facts about the boreal forest”. TreeHugger, 2017. Online. Internet. 23 Oct. 2017. Available:

The article “30 fascinating facts about the boreal forest” is written by Jaymi Heimbuch and she explains that boreal forest is one of the largest land-based biome and it is spreading with the passage of time. Moreover, she also explains how it is affecting the climate and other plants. The article is reliable because Jaymi is one of the top experts in natural sciences and she published many other news articles in different magazines and journals.


Fitchen, Janet M, and Sandra Rosenzweig Gittelman. Endangered spaces, enduring places. Boulder: Westview Press, 1991.

This book is lined with some historical background.  This book is a credible source for my essay because it is collected from a reliable online library. The reliability of this source is also authentic because it explains how the crises in farms can affect the space land. It can help me in writing my essay because it discusses the effect of these crises on economics and how is becoming the reason behind poverty and this book is providing me a source for this.

Enger, Eldon D, and Bradley Fraser Smith. Environmental science. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2004.

This book discusses the environmental ethics related to the places all around the world and how they are dealing with it. The credibility of this book is strong because the source of this book is a reliable library. This source can help me because in my essay I want to discuss some natural, environmental and agriculture-related problems and also some international and global perspectives like oil, water, etc. so this book is valuable for my essay because it helps me in writing a critical analysis.

“Endangered Spaces”., 2017. Online. Internet. 23 Oct. 2017. Available:

This is the Facebook (social media) page which is telling about some endangered species and some objects as like robots, etc. It is not credible enough because this source is not reliable. It is little bit valuable because of the fact that it is belonging from a popular social media site.   

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