Article Writing

Dissemination of research findings and results is an important part of any research process and academic career. These findings and results are recorded in a database that peers and readers can access. Furthermore, these readers and peers frequently have high expectations for the format, standard, style, and language with which these findings are presented. Scientific style is the most widely used style when writing research findings and results papers, according to Derntl (2014). Scientific style, on the other hand, is difficult to master, especially at the start of a project, but it becomes second nature as the researcher conducts more research. In the paper, (Derntl, 2014), a scientific paper is a report that has been written and published and provides a description of primary research findings and results. Research findings are critical in determining the next course of action to address the topic in question. Any scientific paper must meet certain requirements with regard to how the paper is published or written. Therefore, any process resulting to publication of a research paper is just as important as the style, content, and how the process is organized.

Research paper form and structure

Most publishers and editors assume standard structure and form of the submitted papers and research results and findings versions that must appeal to readers and reviewers. However, the forms and structures vary considerabley depending on the type of paper. For instance,there is a difference in form between a survey paper and a case study paper even though the principle building blocks are identical (Gable, 2006). Other parts of a research paper become relevant for indexing services and must have title, affiliations, authors, abstract and other meta information. These features must allign structural components a scientific paper and the principle writing guidelines. Amongst the most tiresome tasks in a researcher’s life is dealing with editors, publishers, peer reviewer’s comments, style, submission guidelines, and deadlines. Irrespective of a publication outlet, any scietific paper that has been published validly must have a disclosure of the reserch results and findings to its peers to allow for assessment of observations, repeating of experiments, and evaluation of intellectual processes. Many researchers write up research papers driven by certain motivations.

Researcher’s intentions for writing a research paper

There is a question as to why researchers have to write up whatever they are currently or been doing. To answer this question, three reasons prevail, for rememberance, understanding, and to gain perspective into their own world. In 2000, Stock’s work takes readers through several motivations for researchers (Stock, 2000). The motivations are sceintific communication, legal and ideal protection of intellectual property, to gain reputation, and the thought of economic measires. Some reasons can be attributed to researchers’ intentions to pragmatically write and publish research results. They include; when the results are worth reporting, the desire to extend a scientifc thought, the desire to reach out to a large audience, desire for improving chances for promotion, and the understanding of the unethical side of not reporting research findings. According to Derntl (2014), many academics believe on the explicit and implicit requirement of publishing a research paper. Also, many institutions or supervisors require their PhD students to submit records of peer-reviewed and published papers.


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