Art Desription

Listening to the sixth Beethoven’s symphony, I noticed that the music is more romantic than classical music, but I also observed that it exhibits some features of classical music from time to time. The characteristics it exudes as romantic music far exceed those of classical symphony. For instance, the frequently changed tempo in romantic music and the homophonic texture of classical music. As one listens to the first movement, the music starts gently and then slowly warms up with violins, drums and rhythm are added to the next two volumes, embracing a faster pace. Emotions are present in the progression of the music from fast to slow as the volume transits from soft to loud and eventually very loud. The last movement was relaxing.

The struggles encountered during industrial revolution is present in many works of visual arts. Artwork is the most credible sources of the intensity of the struggles since it composes emotions, feelings, and expressions. The emotional content of artwork cannot be compared to reading a text only. The symphony created a mood of the environment when the industrial revolution was being implanted. The anger, emotional struggles, and pain in the symphony is passed on to the listener, and they can, therefore, acquire a personal connection with the information provided.

R Kelly is an American artist who I thought would perform great in R&B. He recorded just a few R& B songs then pursued hip-hop music and later moved to being gospel artists. His music is very influential and his unique voice an aspiration to many artists.

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