Army Fashion: Annotated Bibliography

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Archives, N. S. U. Alvin Sherman: An American Pilot in WWII Military Service and Career.
The supply discusses the military pilots during the World War II in principle service to defend their nation. Through discussing the pilot named, Alvin Sherman, the supply highlights the importance of the military jacket for pilots in in the course of combat. The source will be used to support the argument on the beginning of the military jacket, which has been modified to suit the tastes of brand new generation.
Dijck, Cedric Van. “”Time on the Pulse: Effective Encounters with the Wristwatch in the Literature of Modernism and the First World War.”” Modernist Cultures 11.2 (2016): 161-178.
Cedric Dijck focuses on the wristwatch as one of the military fashions during the WWI and its use in the modern era. It will enable understanding of the modern cultures and the way they have transformed the wristwatches for the current generation through modifications. It will be used to support the arguments about the adoption of the military wristwatch to suit the modern fashion industry.
Peoples, Sharon. “Embodying the military: Uniforms.” Critical Studies in Men’s Fashion 1.1 (2013): 7-21.
The article by Peoples focuses on men’s fashions and their origin from the military fashion. It gives an idea about the development of menswear from the military fashion. It will be used to support arguments on adoption of military uniforms and its modification for modern day man.
Šajatović, Anica Hursa, Zvonko Dragčević, and Edita Vujasinović. “Functional Design and Requirements on Materials in Development and Production of Military Boots.” 22nd Annual World Congress on CBRNe Science & Consequence Management. 2015.
The article researches on the military boots and materials that were required to produce quality footwear for men and women in battles. However, military boots have been modified severally to meet today’s tasks and preferences. It will be used for developing arguments on military boots and their use in battles as well as casual wear.

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