Arguments that are deductive, inductive, valid, and invalid

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1. The argument in favor of German-made automobiles is deductive and sound. Given the fact that not all automobiles are made in Germany, it is true that some automobiles are made in Germany.
2. The second assertion is deductive. It is assumed that Liz is one of the 85 percent of students who support the reduction of student fees.
3. A deductive report on child care deductions. Mary is automatically ineligible because she is not working.
4. The evidence supports the deductive nature of the statement. The understanding that anyone out of the country at the moment of murder is said not to be the murderer aids in absolving Professor Lucky owing to his absence in the country at the time of the murder.

5. This statement is inductive. It is invalid since there is no evidence of Max writing it.

6. The statement is deductive and sound.

7. This statement is inductive. It does not give any proof of earning &10,000 per week through calling the number on the screen.

8. This statement is inductive. Even though Henry and Carl have similar conditions, this does not guarantee that they need the same medication.

9. The statement on addicts in inductive and invalid. Being an alcoholic does not translate to being an addict.

10. The statement is valid. The term “can” indicates probability and therefore, validates the idea that I also stand a chance of knowing.

11. This statement is valid since the temperature is not at 75 degrees, therefore, it is right to say that the plants are not thriving.

12. This statement is valid but not sound since the premise that no animals are carnivorous is untrue.

13. The statement is cogent. It assumes that since there is no evidence.

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