Argument from Sources

By creating a scene treatment for The Hunger Games, I followed Jennifer Laurence’s equivalence. This is the most well-known film based on Pride and Prejudice, where Jane Austen’s erotic guidance gained relevance in the twenty-first century. In the creation of my paper on Jane Austen Body, the kind of trendy character that required the contrast of Chewton Cottage with the need for excitement of nature. As a result, the marketing, pride, and bigotry give the people an easy sailing in parallel terms, drawing consumers due to the characteristics of humor incorporated into the plot. The choices of Jane Austen is anchored, on the basis of lives of the poet dressing the Pope with the clear promotion of a sense of life in taking into consideration the derogatory remarks of the people. The film captures the attention of the people, and the people have gained the need for its nominations due to fans motivation and request for the message in the film. The availability of the film serves as the market factor consisting of many big name actors, but with poor strategies in marketing, it is deemed to experience losses. The truth that Austen signals extension in achievement Raff concludes by a deployment of close examination of a linguistic and logistic structure about the line of pride of prejudice.
George Henry, individually makes it impossible to Jane Austen on novelistic art through various critics. This acted as the most dominant film exposing the story in the well-covered content. In the last few years, the film has gained popularity among the people in interests. The presence of social media gives the clear feature of the films that gives access to a large number of people. In some cases, the people do not have to be at the performance, but with effective marketing strategy, the people get to access the film and get the message at their convenient places. Even though has not someone has not accessed someone one of the movies, the film gets shared on the social media platforms for easy access. Austen is known for her love for his body activities in the film performance for the story well recorded. The performance of the critics of the Jane written to show the competence and the ability to educate people to get critics from various writers to create challenges for the life improvement. The creation of more critically acclaimed films, it is only natural that their fan base grows. People got involved in raving about the film’s styling, bright colors, dance sequences, and overall technical production. The disembodiment about Victorianism is complex for the need of creating a reputation. The fight for the reputation is increasing dependent on what is addressed by Austen in his film. The film aims to contain the kind of fans with a feel of the same taste of the film drawing the same kind of capture from the information contained.
The major consideration of the focus is the authentication. The fans in the Jane acts as the clients for the films which acts as the main market for the actors. Both the male and female clients are in need of the film for the knowledge gain and entertainment. More so, the time is spent to create the best of performance. The film acts in the inclusion of both genders creating balance and therefore, a large number of consumers in the stage. The use of personal knowledge in capturing the attention of the people by utilizing the plot capturing methods to ensure the critics of Austen meet the market demand for the movies. Comprising of allies creates significant sharing of the information with one another. The building of the church will operate to give an environment that the leaders of the church are comfortable for the preaching in Catholics. Showing commitment in the building of a relationship that in truss gives the strong foundation for the church helps to serve people through educative teaching and on the bases of critics people get to carry appropriate methods of controlling the people. This is depicted for the making of good marketing strategy. The interaction has to be official with the interaction that is useful to make a useful relationship that takes into consideration the people without using the stereotypic of people. Gender does not have to dictate the films, but the need and the fan one has to the film being performed.

The focus of Robert Dryden and Global Jane Austen n the pride and prejudice is kind of films that provide strengthening of the fans which develops the need for the exploration and coming up with constructive criticism on the work of other scholars to give an essence of freedom of mind for the expression of ones feeling and opinion towards the feeling depicted in the film. The presence of scholars gives the competition to give the best of the films work for the actors. The ‘History of Emily Montague’ expressing the encounter of Jane Austen from the students and fans of the work. The presence of the fans means they have different opinions and out of the difference that comes up with the various interpretations giving the viewers the need for analysis of the information that has been revealed. The fans of the most favorite films as of this Austen creates the good name that contributes to continuity of the film for many years. Therefore, the film attracts the marketing strategy from the audience.

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