Are you satisfied working in the present role with your current employer

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Are you pleased to work with your new employer in the current role?
Yes, naturally. Actually, with one of Canon the most prominent corporations I am working on naming Vice President. I have been working with the company for ten years and have been working with Canon for great achievement, honor and richness. The organization has always acknowledged and honored my efforts by supporting and assigning top positions of vital tasks that finally fulfill my career goals.
Can you explain how your company maintains its employees’ satisfaction? Canon is a giant company and employees are considered as the backbone of the organization. Canon ensures that employees always feel a sense of belongingness towards the company to ensure they put their best efforts and performance towards the growth and success of their employer. Canon believes in fostering a positive, optimistic, and creative work environment that nurtures employee inherent talents and skills and brings out the best in the form of performance and productivity. The company offers competitive compensation, rewards and privileges to the performing employees to ensure a healthy competition exists among the employees. Employees are always treated fairly without any form of discrimination. The company adopts a highly disciplines organizational culture to ensure women in particular are protected against variety of absurdities and atrocities. Furthermore, stringent organizational policies, and regulations ensure a highly refined, conducive, friendly, and disciplined work environment ensuring protection of rights of one and all. Thus, employee job satisfaction is given top priority by the company.

How does Canon ensure organizational commitment?

Since organizational commitment plays a critical role in today’s highly competitive business environment where employees tend to find reasons to shift from one employer to another, Canon provides an effective solution to this critical issue. The company adopts a highly transparent and open work environment allowing employees to openly share their ideas, opinions, suggestions, and feelings about the company. The company believes in sharing and uniting people for the achievement of common goals and objectives and therefore employees are encouraged to come forward and allow the business to act in the best interest of employees so that its human resource acts in the best interest of the business. Canon always endeavors to build a strong bond between its workforce and the company so that it does not lose intelligent human capital for petty reasons. When employees feel a sense of belongingness and connectivity with the employer, they tend to act in the best interest of the company and deliver optimal performance and productivity. Canon endeavors to bring its people closer and bridge the gap between the organization and its people by communicating, sharing, and integrating, for the achievement of common goal.

How does the company deal with employee turnover?

The company endeavors its best to ensure that it does not lose its skilled human capital due to avoidable reasons. The company always maintains a fair and transparent policy that assures that its workforce is paid a highly competent compensation, offered competitive employee benefits and privileges, and a work environment that fosters every aspect of their individuality whether psychological, social, professional, cultural, emotional, or intellectual. Since the company spends tremendous capital on employee training and development programs, it can never afford to lose its talent due to petty reasons. Employees are given ample opportunities for professional and personal growth that are competent in the industry and it is ensured by the company that employees have no complains about the organizational culture, professional opportunities, compensation, and other privileges.

Can you provide insights on Canon’s employee behavior, job performance, and organizational citizenship behavior?

Canon provides specialized training and development programs to all recruited employees before they begin to contribute towards organizational growth. These training and development programs are aimed to foster employee interpersonal skills, enhance employee behavioral skills, boost employee confidence, encourage open communication and sharing among employees, learn about organizational culture and work environment, knowledge about company policies and rules, etc. Successful completion of the programs allows employees to adopt organizational culture as an integral part of their individuality and contribute their best towards organizational success and growth through mutual cooperation and team work. This ensures motivation for the development of organizational citizenship behavior ultimately leading to optimal performance and productivity imperative for business success.

Can you analyze factors that contribute to employee attitudes and behaviors?

Canon believes in fostering creativity and innovation through cooperation and oneness. Regardless of cultural differences, geographic differences, differences in ethnicity, race, religion, etc. Canon strongly lays emphasis on building an integrated work environment of specialized individuals that are highly intelligent and a key resource to the company. Therefore, regardless of various factors that cerate variation in employee attitudes and behaviors as mentioned above, the company strongly believes in applying the philosophy of sharing and oneness.

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