Are we more alone because of technology?

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The effect of technology on our everyday lives can not be overlooked. As part of our lives today, technology has a propensity to automate our tasks. With automation, our speed of life is quickly increasing. The dilemma is that the relentless speed of automated life alienates us from our family, our mates, nature, and the things that surround us on earth. Notably, as technology progresses, human beings become more and more isolated, behaving alone or interacting with each other through technologies such as social media. Moreover, globalization, urbanization, and liberation coupled with the expansion and advancement of technology brings the human race to a world of vast openness where they are alone all the time, whether in a group or by themselves.

While technology can change our lives for the better, it destroys the human connection that comes about through physical interaction. The creation of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as well as texting, have been in irony created to enable us to socialize. However, in a real sense, people who “socialize” on these sites are mostly seated in front of a computer or cellphone screen alone. The satisfaction that comes with having a big group of friends or followers and connecting with them brings about an addiction to the virtual world and the neglection of those that are closely around us.

However, in isolated cases, technology tends to expel the feeling of loneliness. As the human mind is designed to be in contact with the surrounding world, technology aids the brain to connect to the loved ones. Real-time communication with applications such as Skype and long distance telephone calls are thought to expel loneliness. Even so, the initial impression that these technologies dispel loneliness is just a fallacy. In fact, they have encouraged solitude, as people rarely visit one another, or have a real conversation anymore.

In conclusion, as much as technology helps us live a better life, it isolates us from the real world. In the same manner, the obsessive participation in social media is far from social. In fact, people live in “a parallel universe” and the more they indulge in such technologies, the lonelier they become.

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