Archaeology and Cultural Values

Cultural values are essentially the main identifiers of people in society. Every community has particular values which determine terrible or good. The American people seem to be having uniquely special values from the people of Thai based on the thinking of individualism. The two main differences on cultural values between the humans of Thai and Americans are secretiveness and nature of greetings.
On secretiveness, Americans are guided by individualism and they have a special consideration on precise topics and issues which they strongly trust to be personal and not always needed to be shared to friends. As a result, they tend to be too touchy to privacy than the Thai people. For instance, an American will consider it a taboo to discuss personal life issues such as income and particular problems. But the people of Thai have no problem absolutely to share issues based on one’s income or experiences (Poranee p.69).

Secondly, there is a big difference on the nature of greetings by the two communities. Despite the fact that the greetings in both cases sound informal, the expected details and concern is basically different. For example, if an American person greets another person with phrases such as; “hi? How are you doing?” …and so forth, the interest primarily is not deep as the people of Thai would expect. In this regard, another American will just respond with such as “hi, or fine”, whereas a person from Thai will go ahead to give true details on current situation (Poranee p.68).


From the assigned readings, basically archaeology enables human beings to have a glimpse of how people lived in the past and hence draw important observations on their values and culture. In conclusion, there is a close relationship between archaeology and culture because it provides rich information on cultural values of humanity.

Works cited

Poranee, Natadecha. The young, the rich and the famous: Individualism as an American Cultural Value. University of Hawali, Honolulu, 1993.

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