Arab and Non-Arab

It’s important to have teams of Arab and non-Arab managers conducting interviews with work seekers from Arab countries. Getting a number of supervisors, both Arab and non-Arab, enables the interviewees to be asked a wide range of questions. It is important to interview candidates not just about their specialization but also about general topics such as personal intelligence and general knowledge. The involvement of both Arab and non-Arab managers in the case study allowed the interviewers to better understand the applicant and obtain several avenues for assessing her skills, which is important.
Q2: I would take the job offer if I were Hayat. This is because hiring of employees is based on skills and abilities based on the job specification. Once positive feedback was provided to her, it was certain that her professional skills and knowledge were considered. As such, there was no additional information that would be needed as far as the job is concerned. It is again expected that further details of the job were to be provided during orientation.

Q3. Questions

i. Which skills will you bring to our organization?

ii. How would you enhance environmental pollution management as an employee of this organization?

iii. Which unique skills do you have in engineering?

iv. Do you have any environmental policy that you would wish this organization to implement?

v. What is your perception of participation of engineering firms in the global arena?

vi. In case you are assigned to work in a different country, how would you react?

vii. How would you deal with non-engineering issues that arise within the organization?

viii. Mention how you would solve social problems that you encounter with colleagues

ix. How would you deal with customer problems at a personal level?

x. How will you enhance client confidentiality?


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